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performing in Vegas


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haha, I wish I set up a video camera or something. I was feeling really deprived unable to play any music the past few days as I play hours of piano everyday, so I headed to the lobby of the hotel i am staying vegas, and starting playing over an hour and a half of an improvisation in Hungarian Minor (F# mostly with some changes). The sustain pedal made it very dreamy sounding and I was playing chords sustaining them while flying up and down scales, then performing melodies I'd make up and re-dabble around scales. had a good crowd listening and people after complimenting on my performance asking how many years I've played for, if I played professionally here and how much they paid me to perform. I was like "I was just jamming, I dont work here"

haha, it was fucking awesome until after 9PM, as there is a noise rule in the lobby, so one of the managers had to stop my performance but complimented that it was excellent and to come back during the day anytime I wanted, Dissapointed in that as I would have played for hours just to express the longing of writing music the past few days unable to perform. I understand the policy though and appreciated the kind words and audience that gathered hahaha... fucking fun shit.

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