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Accelerated Evolution

What Religion are you?



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  1. 1. Religious lulz?

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I checked "Other."

I don't believe in a God, especially in a God who judges, but I'm certainly open to the possibility of a Creator. In my eyes, it's either that or everything that exists has always existed, except in a different order, which means that everything is God or the idea of God is just a label for all that.

I think the only aces in the hole, or what can be construed as such, for a God or Creator, are (by themselves) consciousness, emotions, and intelligence. Or to be summed up, the fact there exists matter that can think for itself - all of us of course.

BUT, it's impossible to know, so I consider my an Agonostic.

edit: but then again, all of these ideas are apart of existence, so... its 5AM and i should be asleep

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I'm a Secular Humanist with fairly strong Jewish leanings (I was a pretty hardcore Jew until I was maybe 17).

I would say I'm an atheist, but atheists tend to have this rather annoying ultra-empirical attitude toward existence that I'd rather not associate myself with. It's not all explainable through science, people.

No idea what to vote for in the poll tho. Wait. Apparently I voted in the poll. I have no idea what I voted for though.

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Science = application of the scientific method to learn things.

I don't think there is any other definition.

That is the definition, but the scientific method is rooted in empiricism which is essentially deduction based on experience. Where things get tricky is defining "experience."

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Raised as a Protestant, but never practiced after leaving home. Guess I lean more toward Atheism although I don't put much thought into that either, it's just live for the moment kind of thing and if god exists then I'm totally boned, and if he doesn't then I'll just rot in the ground.

My father and his family are all hardcore Catholics and my girlfriend's family are mostly all Atheists. So get-togethers are always fun! :awesome:

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