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Holy butt rape batman a new Suikoden!







info: The gameplay takes advantage of the Nintendo DS's touch screen. The top screen shows character status information. HP, MP, status effects and the like. Meanwhile, you can use the DS stylus to enter commands in battle on the touch screen. Other observations include: The battle system is four person battle system, like Suikoden IV. As such, it is a traditional RPG, not a strategy RPG like Suikoden Tactics. Unite/Combo attacks are confirmed to be in. Looking at the status screen it appears traditional Suikoden MP is OUT, to be replaced with standard MP numbers comparable to HP. Like in Final Fantasy VII, for example (and 90% of every RPG ever).


The game is set in the Kingdom of Salsaville. However, the hero's home village appears to be called Sidro Village (シトロ村). Other locations include; the town of Saad, Freseria Forest, the Marcina Plains, Septaflos (the home of the porpoise-based race) and El Kalaal, the palace of a nation (not Salsaville) ruled by Danash VIII.


Supposedly the game OPENS with the defeat of the 108 Stars of Destiny at the hands of the game's villain with only four survivors (not including the hero). The quest involves reassembling the 108 Stars of Destiny.

The main character has no name, but apparently will be voiced by Takashi Hiroshi. It is unknown if this will just be in 'grunts' a la Lazlo and Freyjadour in Suikoden IV and V or like Kyril in Suikoden Tactics.

The character Jail (ジェイル) will be voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu. The female character Marika (マリカ) will be voiced by Sakamoto Maya. Ryu (リウ) will be voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara and finally, Dirk (ディルク) will be voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki who is also voicing Viktor in the Suikoden radio drama detailed on this site.A porpoise race has been confirmed for the game. All together now; grrrroan! Actual character information; The hero is a youth from an idyllic village, Sidro. Jail is a quite, but sometimes brash young man who cares about the hero and others within the town guard. The character Dirk is the leader of the Sidro town guard, he teaches the others to fight and is very strong, etc. Marika is a friend of the hero from childhood and daughter of the village chief as well as a member of the town guard, while Ryu is a vagabound who arrived in the village some time ago. He doesn't like to fight very often. Other characters shown include Yula (ユラ), a brown haired girl who appears in battle screenshots and Misrach (ミズラック), a tanned man with a small beard in the same battle shots.

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Anyone else have it?

It's not bad, but man I wish they would have made it more like Suikoden and less like some new rpg chain.

Makes me kinda wonder what they are trying to do with the series...

*Four people in party (ala 4 which sucked)

*No Runes (replaced by, Mark of the Stars)

*MP now instead of the old level system.

*Weapons are store bought. (no blacksmith and forging)

*No war battles.

*No Duels (that I have seen)

*no real tie ins to other Suikoden games.

*No skills. (come on. Those made 3 and 5 bad ass)


Hey, at least the music seems suikoden'ish!


It's not a bad game. It just makes me wonder...about this franchises future.

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Yeah, it is good, but some of the changes really don't make any sense. I can kind of understand the lack of tie ins to the old games and having only 4 party members. But, why would you take out the war battles and the duels? That really doesn't make any sense.

The castle is really nice though as are the recruitable characters.......it really has a great cast. The story has also been very strong so far!!!

As an RPG on the DS the game is simply fantastic, but as a continuation of the Suikoden series..........it's kind of weak. Still a great game though.

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