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WTF, why did no one tell me of the anime full of Yoshitaka Amano goodness?!

No Sad Endings

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OMG, why did no one tell me that there was a new series full of Yoshitaka Amano goodness? ;o;

I'm all watching the opening here and I'm like, "the styling of this opening reminds me of Samurai Champloo. Except the sketches are profoundly Amano-esque - uh wait. Those are Yoshitaka Amano sketches."

It's called Ayakashi... Has anyone seen it yet? I have yet to actually watch the episode, we've only looked at the opening and skipped through to see what it looked like. It's highly Amano-stylized. And of course, original character designs were by him.

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...you've never heard. Of Yoshitaka Amano.


He's the guy who pretty much defined the look of the Final Fantasy games? Did the illustrations for the original Vampire Hunter D novels? My favorite artist? The one who did all the illustrations for the Tarot deck I'm so proud of?

These ring any bells? o.O

Final... Fantasy? Is that some sort of game or something?

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