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Creative Fatal1ty 1010 review (but first UT3 Patch 3)


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For anyone who plays UT3 here, patch #3 came out if you didn't already know or haven't played in awhile. It adds some sick stuff including MOTION BLUR in the advanced video options (looks fucking incredible by the way) - they optimized performance even more so and the motion blur makes it look even more visciously realistic.

Also, my favorite server finally uses custom maps and has about 30+ custom maps to vote on along with the usual retail maps. From these custom maps include amazing remakes of two Quake 3: Arena classics The Longest Yard, and Campgrounds III (The most well scaled version of the map for UT3, scaled like the original rather than larger as some other map makers have tried) Also for The Longest Yard it is pretty much scaled the same except has some additions such as another space plat form with a rocket launcher and the shield belt on it. Quad Damage is in the same area, and the redeemer is what spawns where the original rail-gun used to. --- play these maps on the #1 DM server in the USA "UMG LEAGUE DM" Always low ping and always people playing on it....


CHANGING MY OLD 9/10 REVIEW TO A 10/10 AS THEY BALANCED ALL THE ISSUES, TWEAKED THE PERFORMANCE WITHOUT HINDERING THE GRAPHICS, AND ADDED AMAZING MOTION BLUR. (really, it looks way better than Bioshocks motion blur, or CoD4's motion blur. It really makes the game look twice as good as before, every detail in the graphic at max settings is incredible to look at and always has been, but now as your constantly moving they look even more realistic and in your face. GO EPIC


if anyone wants to play tonight let me know now... my new Creative Fatality mouse has made me even more deadly accurate. (the mouse is incredible, some reviews bash some of the design flaws such as the position of the thumb button, the length of the cord, and the easibility of the third button (I couldn't even tell it was a button, it just blends in with the mouse!) but I actually have a better grip with this mouse that with the MX series.) I usually found my self having to kind of lift it and grip on the edge a little bit which I never concentrated on but got annoying after hours of fast paced shooting.

It has statistically (in game, verse most of the same faces) doubled my accuracy and survivability, it comes with like 6 different weights to choose from, I personally use the 26 gram weight because it feels the best for me, plus its cool to say "I got 26 grams in my mouse mutha fucka!" (POP POP POP "SUCKA").

Please note prior I was using the red MX510 by Logitech at 800 DPI, and the Creative Fatal1ty has 1600 DPI so a huge increase... Also which I found really neat is there is a light on top of the mouse right prior to the scroll wheel, by pressing in you change the DPI and the color of the light. Green is 400 DPI, Amber is 800 DPI, and the bad-fucking ass looking red is 1600 DPI.

This loser has it set to 800 DPI as indicated by the light, I found the switch to 1600 extremely drastic, but the drivers (or windows settings) easily make it comfortable and up to speed (an obvious slow down of epic proportions is to be expected when entering 1600 DPI from 800 DPI, cursor moves slower and more accurate, I suppose the button is to switch if your gaming or net browsing... but I just crank the mouse speed up and use 1600 all over)

The Logitech MX Revolution cordless mouse boasts its blazing 2000 DPI and being cordless it is something to boast about (I suppose), It feels about four or five times heavier than my Fatal1ty, and testing both of them I just prefered the fatal1tys overall design and feel, not to mention a near 45-50 dollar price difference between the two of them. The Creative Fatal1ty runs at around 45-50 dollars in stores, and cheaper online. I got mine for 34.99 on sale due to its newer brother the Creative Fatal1ty 2020, which has higher DPI but actually felt a bit dinkier, and for a difference of the 2020 costing 65-70 and the 1010 costing me 34.99 I'll go with the 1010. The higher DPI I barely noticed, just like with the Revolution.

All in all, I am suggesting any hard-core FPS gamer to fucking check this thing out, - if you gotta go to an electronics / PC store and try it versus another model in your selected game, I by all means suggest you do this. Perhaps the Revolution better fits your hand and style, or the copperhead, In vegas I went to Fry's electronics and tried 7 or 8 different gaming mouses in UT3, and in CoD4. For me the Fatal1ty 1010 is a fucking god and the perfect mouse for my hand size, and gaming style... I give it a 9.5/10 would be a 10 out of 10 if it wasnt for the minor issues in the design of which don't bother me at all, but I can see how they hinder its over-all useability. (The thumb mouse button I've never had an issue pressing rofl, but you need to press slightly harder than on logitech mouse for example, the weights included max out at 26 grams which still leaves the mouse rather light - but for me this is a good thing, also a perfect score is not possible for this mouse as I didn't realize I was in 400 DPI mode for the first three days because I am an idiot.)

Fucking buy it!


Also I tried on the Fatal1ty gaming headset of which runs at around 75 bucks at FRY's but I've seen it online for up to 90ish, it was far greater than my wonderful sennheissers, and I was able to try each model of Fatal1ty soundcards (One of which when I buy it I get 15 dollar instant rebate from a coupon that comes with age of conan, and as a quick note for my new found Fatal1ty merchandise love, all the racks of headsets, mice and sound cards had been themed for Age of Conan which was what initally drew me towards it, or else I never would have found interest and would be using the CPL mouse or the Revolution or something) but anyway, the most expensive model of the soundcard, wish I could remember the name was absolutely incredible through the 5.1 system, and then when I tried it with the Fatal1ty headset my mind literately melted. Everything was so incredible sounding.... the combination would be amazing not only for gaming but also for my fucking music! BOO YEAH.

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