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I'm in college now. I'm in my dorm, typing this. My room mate is a really nice Swiss guy, we get along well so far. Yesterday was super hectic, but I'm all moved in and have most of my business down pat. Today is the beginning of a week of special events to get the new students acclimated to the school and city. I'm sorta scared... I don't know how to make friends or talk to people. I'm sorta upset, actually. I hope I'll be okay.

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Thanks Rocksy, I know I can count on you. :awesome: Anyway, I've been feeling a bit better. I ate dinner with this nice Korean girl damn Dahee, and met her friend Vivian. I've also talked with our Floor Fellow (helpful person on our floor) quite a bit, and talked to some people during this floor meeting. I talked to a girl whose name I can't remember now (argh! it's a purple flower...) on my way back to my dorm room. Thinks are looking somewhat sunnier.

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(argh! it's a purple flower...)


...All the connections in your dorm should already be on a LAN D:

Good to see you're having fun. Don't forget you're in college to learn... and one bad semester is all it takes to get dismissed from the school... FOREVER

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Tomorrow I'm going to talk to some dude at academic advising about traveling around the former Yugoslavia. Should be pretty awesome.

Also I'm gonna try and do an independent contract and write a novel instead of attending classes this quarter. I think it would be fun.

And I laid down some serious flow on a sweet apartment with some friends of mine.

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Update: Shit sucks. I've been either sitting in my dorm room or walking around town alone. I talk to people in the caf and shit, but I never make permanent friends, y'know? I have no one to really hang out with. I also don't know what to DO, so asking people to do stuff would be akward. And I don't really have anyone to ask. I have a crush on this girl Erin, who said she'd see a flick at this film festival with me. I hope she won't bail out or anything. ): So... eh. I can't wait until classes start so I have something to do.

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The movie was in an African language and had French subtitles, but we still watched the whole thing and it was really, really good. I enjoyed it thoroughly and understood most of it merely by watching it and catching the French words I know in the subtitles (they also said "Fuck" a few times). We then went back to her room and the four of us talked about a variety of things until four in the morning.

Anyway, I've been hanging out with people on my floor a lot. I'm starting to feel better, but being in such a positive situation is throwing me the fuck off guard. I'm so used to almost every compliment being an insult and having so much negative attention, that it's really strange to have people around me who like... accept me. I'm getting used to it. Thankfully.

I screwed with my schedule again, partially because I can't take my French class (because I missed the first day lolololololol). So at the moment my fall schedule is:


9:35 AM - 10:25 AM: Introduction to the Study of Language

10:35 AM - 11:25 AM: International Politics: State Behaviour

11:35 AM - 12:25 PM: Introduction to Moral Philosophy 1


8:35 AM - 9:55 AM: Computers and Computing

10:05 AM - 11:25 AM: Health and the Healer in Western History

My winter schedule:


9:35 AM - 10:25 AM: Canadian Literature 2

12:35 PM - 1:25 PM: Introduction to Linguistics

1:35 PM - 2:25 PM: Contemporary Moral Issues


10:05 AM - 11:25 AM: Evolutionary Anthropology

11:35 AM - 12:55 PM: Knowledge, Ethics and Environment

My International Politics teacher is fucking hilarious. He told a Harry Potter joke, plays hard rock at the beginning of class and makes fun of Canada and the US a lot (he said that he thought they were "funny"; he's American). My MWF classes in Fall are all in the same building (which is 10 - 15 minutes from my dorm), and each is a floor up from the last, so it's a super relaxing day, in a way. I'm done early every day and have very stream lined schedules so it's pretty damn awesome atm.


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