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Most Overrated Movies/TV Shows


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Seinfeld the (THIS SHOW IS ABOUT NOTHING SO IT'S FUNNY LOLZZZ) that doesn't do it for me. Sorry. Plus Jerry Seinfeld is a nasally douche bag.


The Simpsons I've seen about every episode up until like 2004 and then probably all the others give or take around 10. It used to be funny but wtf, why is this show on for like 2 hours a day. It hasn't been funny since like 1998.

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Do people actually take the Pacino version of Scarface seriously? If they do, that. Oh my god, that.

As for TV, yeah, Seinfeld. I can barely stand it much of the time, and I even love Curb Your Enthusiasm so it's not even like I'm incapable of enjoying that sort of premise. Maybe it's just an instinctual hatred of Jerry Seinfeld in anything he's in other than the Stand Up and Win! sketch from SNL.

Also, Extras. I think I've already gone on a long rant about it here before (or not, now I can't find it), but it basically cemented to me that Ricky Gervais is a likable guy and funny when used right, but really overrated and kind of a one-trick pony sometimes.

- Masked Man #2

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I agree with Seinfeld (not funny)

Most of the American classic movies seem overrated to me (Indiana Jones, Star Wars etc)

Family Guy ;(

South Park

The Daily Show and Colbert Show are actually good, but not as good as some fans would say...



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Man, I like Seinfeld. I would argue that it is still overrated, but the majority of people I know hate it with a passion- so I don't actually think it is.

Most of the American classic movies seem overrated to me (Indiana Jones, Star Wars etc)

Well you know, those aren't really what I would call "The American Classic Movies," but I would agree that they are overrated.

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Family Guy. I fucking loved that show when I was like 14. Now I realized that it just relies on shitty randomness and/or weird pop culture references that I don't really get and has shitty animation.

The Simpsons, now, is really overrated, but the old episodes are still hilarious. Futurama is, and always shall be better, however.

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Family Guy is too easy, though. The general consensus among people with any taste whatsoever these days is usually that it pretty much sucks, especially after South Park went after it. I, personally, take pride in being iffy on it even back when everyone at Nova loved it and was quoting it all the fucking time.

- Masked Man #2

yeah I agree with this statement Family Guy is over rated.. I mean the show did get cancelled and a huge fan following brought it back on the air...so it musta meant something..

Napolean Dynamite..never got the hype of this movie..and I jus thought it was a shitfest with lame humor..oh excuse me.. intelligent humor I guess.

Juno.. pregnant witty teenager is so fucking genius...wow

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Agreed on the Colbert Report, I'm not so sure on the Daily Show because I think it's actually getting back to decent form after having fallen in a slump. That being said, I'm not feeling John Oliver in the Stephen Colbert role as the go-to correspondent and I think he, himself, is way overrated (though I like him more than Aasif Manvi or however you spell it, because dear god does that guy overact and completely undercut the whole fake newscaster thing. He's even worse than Rob Corddry was in that respect, because at least Corddry had a decent character going in spite of how out of place he looked). He can be funny, but I much prefer Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac, and Samantha Bee.

- Masked Man #2 really has completely abandoned the gimmick, hasn't he

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I seriously believe that people who don't like the Big Lebowski just haven't watched it enough (I had no idea what it was about until the third or fourth time I watched it). But whatever... Still love you, Brian.

No be truthful..I'll tell you the reason why.. people on here hyped it up to be some off the wall inspiring movie that will blow your pants off..I'm not saying it was a shitty film.. it didn't live up to the hype as expected to me..I honestly didn't like John Goodmans character..and theres a couple shows that people listed, but I'm not getting my panties in a bunch about it.

I still love you to Robin

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