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W/R/T the type you are attracted to.

For me:

Ladies: The type I like is very specific. Elitist, mean, materialistic, very cute and girlish, intelligent, independent, innocent, authentic, and solitary. <-I know of 2 or 3.

Guys: Tall, thin, intelligent, hipsterfashion. <-Baker's dozen xD

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They would have to hate most television. Must love music (doesn't nescasarrily have to be music i like). Smart. Glasses are a plus considering I think glasses are really cute. A musician would be good as well because i love to play music. Super short hair or long, and easy going and laid back. and any hair color but super blonde hair.

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I suppose I have a very specific idea when it comes to my ideal partner. But when you get down to it, who you fall in love with has very little to do with who you expect to fall in love with or want to fall in love with. However, I can't see myself being compatible in any real long-term way with someone who didn't possess a few rather general traits; those traits being: intelligence, curiosity, and compassion.

However my more internally constructed idea of my type (honestly, though you might as well just call it my anima) would be someone who is artistically inclined (in a analytical intellectual sort of way, not a "I like to paint paint pretty pictures" sort of way), is largely apolitical, is predominantly androgynous (I mean that in terms of personality, as I don't really care how she looks), and isn't particularly concerned with how she appears others.

Oh, and I would never ever ever date a social conservative (as a result of my upbringing).

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Oh and for me, doesn't smoke. I can't stand kissing a smoker. ughhh

It tastes sooo good.

Of course, I can totally understand if you wouldn't be into that. I only like cigarettes, really, because I used to smoke them. Tobacco is pretty delicious, I must say.



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who likes me for me... and dosent put up a front in front others...basically just being themselfs...i am very open minded but i dont like stuck up people, or its all about them type of people... eh big turn off and then they just look ugly...i look for both in woman and men... but sinc i am taken i dont look anymore

above all else who isnt like my ex >_>;; i need a life to....fricking creep...

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college is boring when theres nothing to do...

edit : ha, i thought i was in rt

but since im here anyway...

curvy redheads, my height or shorter

edit to the edit: i also some times go for the more exotic types, pandas (gotta love those asians) and some black bears, you know the ones :wink:

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