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1) I love this college

2) If I left the campus more, I'd probably grow to love the city.

I want those two out of the way so that the tone of this doesn't go too downhill, because it really shouldn't.

I think the place to start here is with people. This place is awesome because of the people. Two of my three profs are awesome, and the third isn't terrible. Campus security is friendly to people who aren't douchebags to them. Our dorm has two people who aren't students, but nobody, including campus security and the important parts of reslife, minds. In short, just about everybody here is really chill. I like pretty much everyone I've met here.

My biggest dilemma is finding where I fit. I'm in the nerd dorm, which is the perfect place for me. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a stigma about it because we really are nerds. On the other hand, we are not cookie cutters. I joked that the dorm is 90% sub free, because we generally are, but some people have been known to give out alcohol. This got a tad awkward. Some people are 100% sub free, and some people are definitely not. There was a visible divide in the room between the two. Now I'm pretty damn far from the biggest partier on campus, but I'm not often in the habit of turning down a free drink. Thus I wound up with the sub free people, but with a tad bit of vodka in me.

Things are so damn crazy that I can't find where I stand. Everyone I know here is at least one form of geek or nerd.

My first two nights I campus, I saw EMTs. Not sure how much to read into that.

I was typing this hours ago and then the power went out. Firefox saved it.

Firefly jokes and people who get them are the norm, not the exception.

There was much hair dying. Afterwards, one of the girls in our dorm used the extra to paint a smiley face and a sad face on her tits.

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College in a nutshell:

I enjoy the company of nearly everyone I meet. I've baked almost every night. My classes are awesome. I'm studying the History of Horror in Fiction & Film. It is still weird to wake up to a different environment every day. That'll pass soon enough though. I'm having a good time.

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We're allowed to drink alcohol in the halls and in our rooms.

Our entire rule system can be found in the following three statements


2)Talk (make sure shit is okay; if it isn't, let people know)

3)Don't be a douchebag.

Notice the absence of any mention of drugs, alcohol or really anything else. In other words, as long as you're chill, everybody's chill

Not chill would be the sex in the hallway the other night.

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Dorms fucking rock

Our school holds a massive weeklong party at the end of the year. The NRC does certification testing the day after. So if you want to run the reactor, you need to prepare while most people are partying. And to think I once wondered why there were people who didn't want to run the nuclear reactor.

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You're biting wit is unbelievable.

No, no, no, no, no. No. No, no. Simply put, no.

You're suppose to fake a wounding blow, like so.


And then say, "Once again sir, I am wounded by your rapier-like wit!

That's how downtown Buster Brown does it, that's how Major Charles Emerson Winchester III does it, and by golly it's how America does it!

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If I could count the amount of atrractive teachers I have had then I might say six.

...Oh wait, I did count and it came to six.

Not enough room in my sig for all the great quotezzzzzz.

Anyway, she's the kinda older woman cute I like that most people kinda ignore. It works out well, because other guys chase the "hotties" and I get to keep the cute girls the other guys ignore. That is, if they don't mind pudgy nerds. :hardgay:

I just went to our activities night. I'm on the mailing list for the Gamer's Guild, Sailing Club, and Badmington Club.

Also, I've been spending too much time around Asians, I think. I wanna study, and I don't have to.

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