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Give me your e-mails and I can add you to the blog. If you have any suggestions for lay out or want a different name, we can always edit/recreate the blog. Maybe someone could cook up some banner art? :hardgay:

I suggest we tag each post with the genre and maybe our name. I'm thinking we do just general genres for tags, without going too much into subgenres. So use "Metal" rather than "Black Metal", "Pop" rather than "Synth Pop", etc.

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EDIT: Nevermind. I changed my mind. I realized I have less to contribute than i previously thought.

I've always thought of you as like, an integral part of the AE music community. When you're around, at least.

Evergreen, I invited you. Check your e-mail. I think you put yourself down as Evergreen.

I think my first posts will be Alison's Halo's Eyedazzler and P.O.S.'s Audition, neither of which are on my laptop, so... that'll happen later.

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I was still thinking just Metal, as we're going to be doing such a wide variety (probably) it might get confusing. I say we put it up for vote. :O

Limited Subgenres: 1

No Subgenres: 1

Also, megaupload is fine. I use it.

I added you, SC. Evergreen, I also gave you admin privelages. We should just consult each other before we do any major changes other than editing our own posts.

Btw, would you like to add last.fm charts in the side, like I did with Uhrwerkturm?

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Strike me interested. forkmachine@gmail.com

Set, you might as well join up and if you really don't have anything to contribute you don't have to.

Um... Yeah, I don't know what I actually have to upload but there should be some stuff I can find on my computer.

EDIT: We should probably do subgenres for metal, at least a bit. You know, the five or six main subgenres... Death metal, black metal, doom metal, power metal, etc... I only say this out of self interest because I only really like doom metal and want to avoid the stuff I don't like :hardgay:

Also, put my name down as Kazimeras, Destroyer of Virginal Innocence.

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