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Added you Vinny.

And backmasking is when you play a song backwards. That weird noise sounds like a message played backwards, and you can backmask it to understand it.

Also, Discharge! I've wanted to listen to some of their shit. How did you get made of so much win? I need to post some Refused.

EDIT: The sample about the hanging man used in the secret track part of "Living the Laws" is used by Skinless in one of the songs from Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead.

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Cool shit man. Our blog is very Punk atm. :hardgay: <- leather is punk amiright?

Also, Foldered, could you maybe stream line the tags? I figure if we're going to have a multi-genre blog, we should keep it as neat as possible to make it as easy as possible for people to browse.

And my sig is getting huge.

EDIT: Like my cock at the sight of our awesomeness.

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Hey Stranger, tag your posts with your name.

suck it, whitey!

Uploading a couple more right now ... ~~ !!

All I want to say is ... I think we should all format the posts in the same way, like Faulty does, which gives us the album art, and all the information we need about the artist.

Artist Name - Album Title

[Album Art]

Band: [Artist]

Album: [Album]

Genre: [Genre]

Country of Origin: [Country]

Year: [Year released]

Track Listing:

1. [Track 1]

2. [Track 2]


[Description of band, it's various genres and whatever]

I dunno ... i'm a super organization freak, so i'm gonna be doing that, but I guess whatever works as well... I may just go through and edit some of the posts to fulfill my anal-osity :D

EDIT: hmmm, upon further inspection, it appears that most (if not all) of the posts are already in this format ... I think what was throwing me off was some of the text alignment and font changes - - please disregard anything i said

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no need, i'll just password protect the select few that i might only want to share with AE people (this will only include albums by bands that i personally know ... there's only a handful :biggrin: )

Mark them as AE only in the post, so people know. :O I'm totally cool with that.

I'm not even gonna bother to figure out how to password protect .rar files... I think it might be too complicated in OSX.

OSX sucks donkey cock.

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