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Accelerated Evolution

The Collapse of American Capitalism

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When I saw the thread title I thought, "If only."

Oh, it's coming. Things are going to get worse, but I'm actually convinced that large-scale capitalism is in its death throes in this country. At least in any recognizable form. The New Deal is going to be nothing compared to what's going to have to be enacted to get us out of this.

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I think this has happened before, matter o' fact I think it was Chrysler in the 80's...

I don't think it was to such a radical degree, though. Letting Fannie Ma and Freddie Mac go would have collapsed a massive segment of the economy. The shockwaves of whcih would effect a lot of industries.

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Government using taxpayer money to pay the debts of institutions is much more socialist than capitalist.

Well Republican ideology dictates that socialism is okay so long as you're using it to bail out your secret gay lovers financially. But socializing medicine so that everyone can have proper care is worse than aborting a 18 year-old child.

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