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the WAR is better than WoW thread


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WoW losses 30% of subscribers at pre-launch of WAR, panicking Blizzard now allows PVE characters to transfer to PVP servers. discuss.

"I read the whole interview and Barnett is honest and straight forward with his answers.Is WAR a better game than WoW at launch? yes!!! But the true success will be in 3 or 4 months,by then we will see the real subs population and from watch the game grow.

An expansion every year is fair to me + some added content through patches during the first year.I see myself subscribing to WAR for the next 3 years."


I agree with euro gamer reviewing the game 8/10 OUT OF BETA?! wtf is that. the rest of the real places will review it with glowing numbers, the problem right now is Blizz keeps their expansion under wraps and war is EVERYWHERE

arguably the most popular game website... http://www.gamespot.com/

Thats impressive advertisement, currently 3.5 million worldwide subscribers for war, 1.5 in USA at launch those numbers are incredible.

to qoute one of the lead devs, the reason war didnt come out in early 07 is because they saw burning crusades quests and how people would talk about how great they had been, he refered to them as "Watercooler quests" he wanted to make sure he had so much lore, interest quest design along with the best RVR system in any MMORPG combined all in one. It's like DAoC meets WoW (with WoW's balance) meets god.

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Not exactly an accomplishment. WoW has been aging pretty harshly for the last little while. And honestly, the WotLK beta is not making me think it's got much fire left. If anything, it substantially moved up the death date at this point...

Anyway, I might give War a try. Might not. Right now it still seems to much like WoW: The Upgrade. I might just hold out for something really different. AoC was doing a pretty good job of being different until the patches really started pushing PvP and Funcoms billing went spastic. [/sigh] Maybe I'll just have to start on my own game to get something that really embraces PvE fans again. I'm thinking Armored Core meets AoC meets Eve.

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The patches fucked AoC up... it was so ahead of the game but specs disallowed players to enjoy / run it. went from near 1.9 million players to a current 400K.

WAR seems alot like WoW, but trust me its nothing like it. Huge open warfare for towns almost every minute of walking distance, with siege weapons you jump on and get crosshairs... just so sick.

and the battlegrounds you get XP and renown (XP for pvp gear) Public quests are a brilliant idea as-well.

i'll fraps some

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"VideoGamer.com: This close to launch there will still be some people who are still on the fence. What message do you have to those people?

PB: Are they WoW heads?

VideoGamer.com: Not necessarily. They might have played it in the past and might be waiting for the next expansion.

PB: It's easier to get into than ever. They're fun and compelling but they're definitively a hobby. It's a hobby experience. If you've got the time and you've got the inclination then they're great great fun. Give it a try.

VideoGamer.com: And if they're WoW heads?

PB: If they're WoW heads then I would say no item damage, no graveyard running, your bag gets bigger, you can customise your UI, the PvP is awesome, the PvE experience is still really really good, there's lots of cool dungeons, there's lots of grouping, and there's Squig Herders darn it, Squig Herders I say!"

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That last line is fantastic. I think it's just more that I'm waiting for something particular. We're at the point where there's a bunch of games out that have single components of what I want in a game. AoC had the combat, Eve had the "Do what you want", WoW had the easy lowbie accessibility, LotRO had the massive lore hardon, Whatever game I'm not remembering had the crafting, etc, etc.

We'll see. WAR could be fun in the interm. I'll wait for a friend key or $2 trial disc or something.

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WAR has DaoC behind its back, the best PVP oriented mmorpg ever, I mean first to have sieges of keeps... burning enemy guilds with oil (which this has aswell) and WAR has legions and legions of die-hard table top fans.

EA-Mythic owns UO, DAOC and WAR, so when you throw UO into the mix even the UO people are interested heavily. read up on it, watch the videos, its more than one to throw a 2 dollar trial at, especially if you've been playing countless hours of warcraft rofl.

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thats my class's really uber armor set, cant wait.. lol

I think the best sign for this game right now is the majority of forums, gamespot posts, ign posts, mmorpg.com posts are all in praise of aspects in the game and not full of all the "THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE" like the past few mmorpg launches, thats a great sign.

You guys can wait it out and see, but when I see you painting your armor any color of your choice (can dye every piece of armor in two tones for money at vendors) and sieging players with your hellcannon (with first person view) I'l going to tell you "I told you so"



After a town siege

Spooky looking place

info: every faction has their own battleground for their tier (tier one through five) and if your chaos and go into greenskin terrirtory you can do their bg (called scenarios in this game) so its not the same three or four BGs over and over, huge amount of them, then the world pvp is just constant and awesome.. but yeah. end rant

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For tanking as destruction you have two choices, Black Orc or Chosen. Black orc puts out more DPS, but Chosen can take way more punch and hold aggro better with the taunt (which also allows next three hits to crit) so, I like using 1 h sword and a bad-ass shield. I see some chosen with a 2H and i'll beat them, I see a black orc and ill beat them.

I just think they are a great tank with great buffs and debuffs and abilities, you know I've always wanted to play a TANK as a main, and i told you ago it would be in WAR

your PC can def run the game on low / medium, gonna get it? want me to spot you a copy?

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people who want to try new excitingly awesome games rather than sit in their parents basement playing wow all day

I have to be honest with this statement, no matter what MMO you are playing, you are still wasting you life away in someones basement.

WoW or not, it's still a time waster.

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