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So, I wake up this morning and check my email. This is what I've gotten.

"That 40 dollars was my way home from sea-tac to oly (ed. note: about fifty miles) as i am getting in at 9pm on a saturday and there are no buses.

Now I am going to be frank with you Robin.....

It is now up to you to figure out how i am getting to either get to a place to sleep in seattle and then ill take the bus homeon sunday or you figure out how i am getting all the way back to olympia. it would have been a whole lot more simple if you had just given me the money. If i have to sleep at the airport i will never forgive you..... really.

let me know how its going to be."

So, I do owe this young woman $40, and failed to pay it back to her because I'm a dick. Here's the problem(s).

1. She didn't say what Saturday. This Saturday, I'm out of town and can't do jack shit.

2. I don't have $40 to pay her back. Though presumably, if I did this to her satisfaction, I wouldn't owe her $40, and that would actually be kinda sweet.

So yeah. Also, the main reason I stopped hanging out with her was because she kept trying to have sex with me and it was really awkward. Yeah. Also she's my friend's ex.

It's clear to me that she's trying to guilt trip me, so I'm really annoyed at her for being manipulative. Honestly if she had just come out and said "Hay I need a ride from the airport, can you pick me up?" I would have been a lot more open to the idea. But this doesn't change the fact that I'm going to be out of town on Saturday.

Ugh. Give me advice, or something.

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Are you her only friend? If you won't be around, then it doesn't matter, does it? She sounds like a bitch. Yes, it would be nice if you helped her out, but you only owe her $40. You don't owe her time or effort into arranging her travel plans. You might come across as a dick, in fact, you will. But... whatever. She shouldn't have traveled on such a tight budget in the first place.

People sleep in airports alllll the fucking time.

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Fuck her! You're being nice & all & even offered her a ride & she pulls out with this kind of shit? Next time you see her, just stick your dick in her mouth & blow your load. Make sure to splash it all over the dumb bitch's face while your at it too.

I don't put up with bullshit of that kind, maybe 'cause I'm a lot more older & intolerant of such attitudes... But yeah! You shouldn't put up with that shit either! \(>o< )

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