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Stress Sickness


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So last wednesday, I had an extremely stressful event, and since then I have been feeling sick off and on, and I am sure it is related to that. I have never had to deal with this type of sickness before and so have no idea what to do. I don't really know where to go for info about this, so I was wondering if anyone here knows anything to do.

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Unfortunatley I can't give you too much information but the best idea would be to see some sort of mental health professional. I suggest talking to your school counciler and seeing if they have any recommendations for specific psychologists.

You could also try to relieve stress with exercise, drawing, ect. and see if that helps, in the meantime.

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Well, our school does not have a councelor as far as I know, and my doctor is my dad and my other doctor is my mom, neither of which I particularly want to explain the event to. I know I'm going to be fine, but in the mean time it's really a hassle.

Also I hate drawing as I am entirely too much a perfectionist so it just makes me more stressed, but I shall try exercise.

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Whatever you do, stay away from the pills. Once you get started on those, it's a slippery slope to get back off of them. A friend of mine got started on them after his mother died, and three years later he was on about 3 different medications for stress and depression, and about 4 more medications to counter the side-effects of the other medications. He ended up killing himself because he couldn't take it anymore. Don't do that.

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Yeah, definitley don't use pills. The placebo effect helps at first, but then I really don't think they help at all. Maybe for some people, but I think it's more important to try to work things out emotionally than to have to rely on some 'magic formula'. Definitley talk to someone about what is going on. Some people think there is a stigma attached to going to therapy, but it is really helpful as they give you coping strategies and methods to address how you are feeling.

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after stopping certain "medications" i became mildy schizophrenic or whatever. To make it short, i thought that i was under F.B.I surveilence (SP?) all the time. i got maybe 3 hours asleep a night, and had nightmeres constantly. I was really stressed out. The best thing you can do is just wait it out and deal with it. If you get antzy try to think as logically as possible, also stay away from watching/listening to Dramatic or intense music and TV.

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I was started on a medication when I was younger, and the month after I stopped taking them, I had a breakdown and tried to punch through my closed window. Yeah, it's pretty damn scary. People never warn you when they place you on something.

I recommend just doing stuff that stops you from thinking. When I got stressed, I watched my 'guilty pleasure' sitcoms and cartoons. I ate a bunch of fruit. I took a long walk in the morning, and just wandered around until night. Then, I called my friend and gave her the intersection, for her to pick me up. I felt a lot better soon. :)

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