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Now and Then.


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So AE has been around for a handful of years now, including its existence as "Anti-AN". Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to think back on our own personal lives and post the changes that have shaped our lives from when we first joined AE/Anti-AN till Now.

When I Joined I: Was a virgin, hadn't touched a drug, and was a relatively elitist, narrow minded asshole. I was a relatively insecure person and took out my frustrations on my friends. I lived on a strict diet of listening to only Metal and Prog and had just taken an interest in playing guitar.

5 years later.

Now: I've been in a relationship with someone I love for nearly 2 years, have tried a variety of drugs, for better and worse and no longer consider myself too much of an asshole! I've been in several bands and have grown as a musician and have a more extensive musical taste. I try to be more open to new ideas and people but that is still a work in progress!

Not too mention met a few great people along the way. (That's YOU AE'ers)

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Ahh, I like this thread!

I only joined about two years ago, so I'll start around that time...

September 2006: Realized I was an obnoxious childish douchebag, whom needed a swift dose of introspection if I was to grow as a person, was pretty depressed, didn't get along with a whole lot of people, worried about friendships and relationships, zero experience with girls, beginning to become aware of personal talents, had stopped drinking a few months before, smoked weed almost everyday, slightly overweight, just beginning to listen to different music, started wearing my locks in a ponytail

September 2008: Open to anything, relatively quiet, become quite existential, have a close group of friends from high school, meeting new people everyday, still a little nervous about serious relationships, my fears have been quelled when it comes to girls, realized I'm an excellent writer and am pursuing it, smoke cigars now, rarely partake in drinking, smoke weed somewhat frequently (once or twice a week), lost about 25 pounds, listen to a pretty diverse selection of muisc, cut my hair (growing it out again =])

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Then: A lot more innocent minded, complete couch potato, no stable job....

Now: Completely perverted(though I'll never act on anything probably), actually go out and do stuff, in the military(pretty damn stable job), and have a caaaaar~~~ :O

its really hard to imagine you being innocent minded


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I know. ....But 5 years ago I wasn't actually downloading porn. XD Now I'm downloading it all the time.

....And all kinds too. o__o Nothing shocks me anymore. Hahaha~

i thought you said drawing porn and i was like OMG SHOW ME BETCH!

lol nothing shocks me either...even this gintama doujin i saw with kagura's big ass dog interrupting gin and shinpachi...with a very big lipstick >>

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5 years back: I was a virgin(never kissed a girl either), had no self confidence, generally felt rubbish about my person, liked only rock/metal/classical, played way too much video games, was really into anime/manga I also hated any form of harsher vocals. in any form of music. I had also just started the IB.

Nowadays wooo gonna be depressing: Got diagnosed with CFS/ME my father got cancer he now poops through a hole in his tummy, Took me 4 years to finish the IB only just really finished early this year and still not at uni (once again the school has fucked me over by not sending off my exam results to my universities I applied to), I have lost my virginity and have alot more experience and interesting tales, my self confidence has rose harder and faster then gummy's cock, I do some work as an amateur stand up comedian, my musical appreciation has really widened to any form of music showing a decent amount of talent of all different musical genres from trip hop, rap, jazz, blues, classical, indie, got metal, rock hell I'll jig to a mother fucking tribal dance. I have lost most my interest in anime although I'll watch the odd series on the odd occasion. I would like to say that I think I have become closer friends with a few of you but I suppose this really only goes out to gummy, brian and stranger(maybe a few others), because in all brutal honesty not much has changed in how we talk and such, but the friends I had on AN (mainly chris) I have become closer too :wub: My already extensive movie knowledge and reviewing abilities are mahoosively superior. I have made some close friends and kept in contact with my closest friends IRL. And from my obvious over confidence in some areas I no longer shy away from the crowd and finally learned to put myself out there. Oh my mother now owns a pub where I work, moved out of my old house and such. Also learned to play the guitar.

Also massive shoutout to brian and brenton who really opened me up to comics as a full time love rather then just a love of 90's cartoons.

Obviously on a final note I have taken no steps or generally have the desire to improve the use of grammar on teh interwebs

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Then:Quiet kept to myself mostly, didn't have many friends..I was engaged and enjoyed life.

Now:Still Quiet, met some great people from this board..like Brit and Crube, and some great people who aren't fake like Mike and Ems, to name a few, I'm happily married, but at the same time, I am begiining to understand the attitude of people more.

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Then: I was 17. I was in a stable, healthy relationship, still in high school, and living with my abusive parents which made me horrible depressed. My dogs were both alive and healthy. I had one cat who was a bitch. I drove a Ford Ranger piece of trash.

Now: I'm almost 20. In another stable, healthy relationship, in my 3rd year of university, and living with two roommates in a trailer. I don't talk to my parents anymore, but I'm still pretty depressed, only now the source originates from the death of my favorite person. My dogs passed away, I have another cat and a rabbit. My other cat is still a bitch. I drive... a Blazer/Tercel.

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Then: I was... uh... fifteen (?). Pretty confused about who I was and where I wanted to go with my life. I also had a really short fuse and was constantly pissed off at people/things. I was an egotistical ass too.

Now: Twenty, with a solid grasp on who I am and where I'm going. Generally I don't let most things bother me now, and I'm more reserved when it comes to acknowledging my own abilities. I don't get in totally over my head now.

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Then: A goofy and awkward teenager who didn't really know what he wanted to do with life and what he wanted out of it. Afraid of a lot of the burdens of society, and afraid to confront them.

Now: A college student who has friends all over the globe (B<3rb and <3ms) and now has a sense of direction in life. Not sure on exactly what career path I want to choose, but I've narrowed it down which is what counts. I'm not that awkward and I'm the life of parties.

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Then: 14, virgin, in high school, I was really into anime and went through various fashion phases. I was just picking up the guitar and listened to Jrock almost exclusively. I had serious anger issues and really didn't know how to control myself with certain things. I was really against drinking and smoking of any kind and I was also really quiet and didn't like to talk to people I didn't really know. I also suffered from a huge anxiety disorder.

Now: I am 20 and just started going to an art school majoring in animation so I can become a character designer/concept artist. I don't really watch that much anime anymore but I'm still into it. I am pretty into fashion now and can't believe some of the things I used to wear. xD I've gotten pretty good at the guitar but don't play as seriously as I did a few years ago since I just don't have the time to pick up and play. I still love Jrock but I listen to a lot of post-rock and other genres a lot more than I used to (mostly because a lot of Jrock bands started to suck and the newer bands all sounded the same). While I still get pissed off at shit, I don't become as destructive as I used to, I think I've just matured a lot more and have gotten better at controlling myself. I haven't put any new holes in the wall or anything. I have the occasional cigarette and drink nowadays but will probably never try drugs of any kind. I'm also pretty friendly with talking to people casually and enjoy the whole getting to know someone new thing now. Especially in college. I've been told I'm pretty engaging, especially when I speak in front of a class. Which I think has happened cause I have gotten over my anxiety for the most part. :]

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