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Mega Man Powered Up - All the fun of Mega Man, but with 8 bosses, all of whom are playable, plus roll and protoman are DL'able.

Maverick Hunter X - All the fun of Mega Man X, but they moved the armor pieces around, and Vile is playable after beating the game.

As much as I love FFT, I would not recommend The Lion War. While they did put in the effort to rewrite the script to make it sound more elegant, they used so much ye olde english that it can be hard to keep up. Further, if you have played the PS1 version, then there will be a noticable lag with pretty much every attack that isn't a regular physical attack. In addition, they fucked with the SFX and the once-glorious sound effects from the original FFT are all but gone.

I got bored playing Wipeout: Pure, but you may not.

I found a strange enjoyment in Killzone: Liberation. I found it hilarious that the characters are these simple-looking dudes that are practically PS1-rendered polygon models, but they're trying to take the plot seriously. Gameplay wise, it's not so bad. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but overall, I enjoyed what I've played.

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FFT: War of the Lions (Personally I can't play it anymore. It's just too slow. Quality is quality, though)

Jeanne D'arc

Star Ocean: First Contact

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

CV: Dracula X Crhonicles


FFVII Crisis Core


Wipeout Pure

Star Ocean 2 is out in October.

:mario: :mario: :mario: best reccomendation list for psp ever

Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Monster Hunter is a hit-or-miss series, you either put it down after two hours and hate it forever or you put 100 hours into it in your first two weeks

Aside from that everything worthwhile has been mentioned.

:crube: i've had so much fun with this game

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