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Question about censoring...

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As per Carlin, it's because the word Ass is in the Bible, the word Asshole is not.

I'm not trying to be like...evil or anything, but isn't it kind of ridiculous how our world (or I guess in this case country) does EVERYTHING by the bible? Can't make their own decisions. I'm 14 and I realize this.

Also, these kids are gonna hear these words one way or the other, so why go nuts about it? /sigh

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I don't see why there should be graphic violence, swearing, etc where young children will easily see it. Of course there shouldn't be censorship of anything marketed at adults etc. It's ineffective anyway, like a lot of people want to censor racist literature, but that won't stop people from comitting hate crimes etc. It'd be kind of like a band-aid...

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