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Accelerated Evolution

The Maze EP now on ITUNES


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This is essential crunch time, quarter for payment ends late october / early november. The number I get paid = if the debut album releases.


or the press release way of saying it... "Via Itunes Exclusive, you can download 'The Maze' EP featuring the Title Track to the Album, an isntrumental version of 'XanaX' (as heard on radio stations) which on the finished album will feature Damian Wilson of Threshold on lead vocals, so its a rarity. Along with Rusty Razor the Heavy 8 minute epic with Kenneth's Original Vocals which on the 2CDer are recorded by Marko Eskola of Farmakon. EP is ended with the Original Demo version of 'Always Falling' a radiohead like mumble-lead vocal soft song. Exclusive original song format as on the actual album the song has nearly an extra 2 minutes tapped at the end featuring kenneth growling deep guttural growls to downtuned guitars and static, and insane metal drumming, and then into neo-60's hippie-groove with the same drum beat.

Get this EP to help fund Galexia along with having this excluse Itunes EP as part of your metal collection. It can be downloaded here.


You can also download the Hit single from the Debut album featuring Arjen A Lucassen of Ayreon on Itunes at this link


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Wow, brenton one star'd both of my albums without purchasing them.

I take this personally.

reported both his reviews so they'll be deleted and he shall be prompty be banned from AE once this little me having temp no admin thing is done. (was a protective effort by elite as maxor and someone else got into his account and he knew they'd know my password)

I'm not saying if you don't like my music and express it you get banned, but you just trolled for no good fucking reason on a space where many people are going to read it and it may change their minds if your review had any fucking back-up to why it deserved one star, talking about the composition, lyrics, vocals, anything I would have merited it as being alright. If anyone hates the song write a bad review with reason! don't make it look like the worst pile of crap on earth like brenton did. Ban Hammer, while playing War Hammer.

I normally wouldn't be so drastic but this is my MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME. and this itunes thing MAKES OR BREAKS MY CAREER.

Just because life fist-fed you shit all your life brenton doesn't mean you have to attempt to ruin the lives of those who are more fortunate and have something to be proud and happy about.

Fuck you!

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disagreed, he's trolled me for ages and now took it to a whole nother level, like if someone hates my music and reviews why thats fine, but he did it just to irk me.

Brenton trolls all of us. ALL OF US. Not just you. I really don't think he did it. As much as a dick he can be, he really does parade it around, rather than keep it quiet. You can't ban somebody on another site because of something they did elsewhere. It doesn't make sense. Especially for something he didn't do.

And there have been countless times where I have had to make a login name a little different because somebody had taken it beforehand.

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