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Musical inspiration in other arts?


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Does music influence you in other arts? If so, what music and what arts? Do you think of a picture? Or story idea? I find that when I'm working on a story, certain songs stick out, often making it feel as if I'm extracting a story from the music itself. I imagine certain moments occurring, like a mental movie.

For instance, Equilibrium's Prolog Auf Erden has helped me elaborate on the outline of a novel I'm writing. The very end is all out war on the moon, where a main character has to sacrifice himself, but didn't tell the others ahead of time. Pain's Psalms of Extinction, makes me think of a young revolutionary uniting the world against the larger threat of an imperial alien race, and makes me think of a dream I had where the last of humanity had to fight aliens on Titan. Weird shit, but it's awesome sounding, feeling, and well, looking. There are many others, but those are my favorite "emotion-inducing songs" I suppose would be the best to call them.

I enjoy talking about experiences like this. Images like the two above, paired with the epic aura of a song gives me serious goosebumps.

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EDIT: I answered the fucking question backwords, I thought you ment finding your musical inspiration through other things like reading etc..... well I typed a shit load so I'm keeping it

I'm inspired by everyday life and anything I see, hear, touch, taste even smell. I don't know if its part of my ADHD or me being a musician that is always writing new music but all day everyday (even while trying to sleep) I have endless new music just churning out in my head, sometimes multiple songs at once, I can hear it all and I just sit down and re-create it as I know what notes are being played. I try to slow down a specific song in my head to do it part by part and then just add the new things that come to me as I write it from the initial imagination.

These songs in my head come from everyday stuff, like when I'm at work a certain lady whom owns an art gallery is usually there once or twice a week while I work, she always talks to me about new paintings she got in and shows me pictures. One time she didn't have a picture of it but it was a painting sent by this traveling Thai artist who creates beautiful art of everyday life in Thailand always showing happy things, families together, bright colors as taken from the culture and backround he grew up in. The painting she described to me was the only painting he's ever done that is the opposite. She was seeking a title to put under-neath it as he never submits titles with his work, usually they are easily name-able by what is represented in the images on the canvas.

This painting was in black and white, with some dark gray. It was a broken wooden fence as if near a farm that a family would be working on with other people of a small village. All his paintings showed families together as she mentioned again, but this painting was just a young child roughly 5 or 6 years old standing straight up back to the fence. He was wearing a gray heavy coat for the frosting winter upon him, with a fur collar blowing in seemingly harsh winds. The look on his eyes she said was not of the innocence of childhood or the youthful wonder. It was a dis-heartening look with eyes that seemed to stare right through you, it was "too real" but she couldn't put her finger on what it represented. One old bimbo who over-heard came by and said "You should try a name like "Time Out" perhaps he is angry because he did something wrong and is being punished!" the two of them laughed and the art gallery owner agreed that may be what it is representing.......

I interjected immediately after the comment was made in an almost uncomfortably serious tone about me, "You both must know how different the culture is over in Thailand, do you think a 6 year old child in our community has done even one percent of what that child in the painting must have done, or imagine the things he has seen with his eyes and the pain he has felt with his heart. He's working everyday outside in harsh conditions and always traveling, diseases of which he has no medicine for that can kill we have antibioitics for to cure us in a week and make us not contagious to head back to school in a day or two. We have video games, endless money, cars, television, computers. You even mentioned all the paintings they are on camels covering they're whole bodies from the breeze and they are happy. If your kid was in that situation would they be happy? I know I'd be complaining, hell I complain during a 4 hour car-ride. I believe this painting is of a child whom lost his parents. He has seen more than any boy his age should see and has done far more work than I shall ever do in my life-time. You said his eyes seemed haunted and just beneath them almost looked aged. I believe it represents all the struggle his life has brought him has aged him mentally beyond his years."

they both seem perplexed and the art gallery owner asks "at 6 years old how do you even perceive death as a negative emotion to take so seriously?" It seemed she was going to continue but I cut her off "Your talking about a 6 year old in the united states of spoiledmerica (they both laughed and eyed me to listen as if highly interested to what i'm going to say) As I mentioned with the diseases death is a normal occurance amongst people in the village, family members, or the person themselves. This painter is fortunate enough to be wealthy from his talent and goes around his home land displaying art for the world to see, to see his up-bringing, to see his culture. He could have been passing by a village and seen this boy with his own eyes, no family, or perhaps this boy was himself. as a painting you described as his most dark but vivid and intensely detailed work I could believe the boy in the picture to be himself, if not he was just greatly impacted by what he saw. and to answer your question about death taken so seriously, as human beings we only know pain and heart-break as it is thrown at us. One person at age fifty could have had a nearly perfect life, never been rejected, family always intact, and all the sudden her son is murdered, she breaks down as if her world is over and basically never recovers, she is now an alcoholic, a drug addict, or perhaps even commited suicide as she could not cope. Or lets look at a little six year old boy in america, you scrape your knee the first time the pain is so bad because you've never experienced a greater pain. So you cry and cry, and the next time your used to it, until you get a worse physical injury. The same applies to emotional pain. As a child when family members died I cried but did it destroy me? no, I had little understanding of it all. it was the first time or second time someone I knew or was related to had died, I know of death but how do I know death until I experience it myself, I don't know the pain - or I am the person holding onto a loved one as they pass from illness or severe injury in thailand at six years old. Starring into the eyes of your mother holding her and taking care of her with all the skills you've learned that we in america probrably don't know at age 30. This boy appears so pained, yet so strong and aged for a young boy who in our eyes should be giggling and on a swing set playing because he has seen more than most adults have seen. That's my interpretation"

They seemed blown away by what I said. I'm sure I messed it up badly and did not describe it nearly as well as I did in the moment, it is 5 AM and im rushing this... but anyway picturing this painting was a struggle for me, so much music came from the ideas of the mysterious boy - without seeing the actual image I could only imagine. Eventually this lead to the development of two Galexia songs. "Xanax" (the second half of it) and completely drawn inspiration from this painting was the song "Empty" (up on Itunes, beautiful song). The feeling and mood of the music was in my head swirling around fixated on this painting, but also fixated on my girl-friend whom away at rehabilitation I can't see and barely talk to still so music and lyrics from that swirled around in my head and I combined them to make the song 'empty'.

I draw from anything and everything dude, you just gotta learn how to, It being nearly 5 am and im working on a new song now a 9 minute dark heavy industrial piece called "The Pick Up" Very Downward Spiral sounding in most of its aspects but not its song structure, you'll all see when / if I post it. It reminds me very much of 'Reptile' from that album, except less catchy lol. anyway, the piano melody for the chorus I received from many birds outside a few days ago. Yeah, I really might seem crazy to you guys when your done reading all this crazy talk, but I was outside at 6:30-7ish AM after working on a song all night with a few breaks to play warhammer (but when I get fixated on a song I can't stop, been working on this one since 1PM, ask GPS, I was playing the bass and recorded for 4 and a half hours straight without stopping for bathroom etc, i get locked into my music) but anyway I was smoking a cigarette outiside sitting on my bench, I always listen to the birds communicate or as I would say to my girlfriend "Making prog music, listen to each bird, they use patterns of like two or three different variations almost like a melody and will sometimes repeat them in time and in tempo but almost randomly will off-set it, thats totally prog. I bet if we both sat out here and wrote down dots representing notes just for the timing of the birds singing we could make endless songs after a few hours of letting them sing their songs (I was high and shes a hippie chick)" so I put it to the test on piano, while I have used it birds chirping for drum beats in about 4 or 5 songs on my new album (or atleast part of the song like during an outro or a mid section, so complex and ever changing for a full song) drum beats came easy, but piano melody was a bit harder, I sat outside listening to 3 or 4 birds communicating in nearly the same pattern of chirps but at different times, they'd cross over each-other and it was a good half second to a second pause between each chirp, so when they cross communicated you'd hear crazy melodies if you payed attention to it. I wrote down the dot's as I would for a drum beat then turned the dots into notes using my knowledge of music theory, just jotted them down as I heard them in my head down on my notebook (I have four notebooks I write music in, this was in my green one which is out doors only) and went to bed anticipating recording it. I jotted down enough dots and notes to get a drum beat from the dots (two variations the birds sang) and the main piano chorus, along with the bass-line during the chorus (it's steady until the chorus where it gets kind of off-time proggy, because of the way the birds chirped) it sounds like I just planned it that way, technically I did but I was given the song from the art of mother natures and everyday life.

Look around you. Walk the city streets and cary your notebook, walk through the forest, talk to random people for inspiration, look at photography and paintings, watch movies, read books (I do little of but have been listening to audio books more recently, running with scissors atm) fuck play video games, especially MMORPG's as if your like me and can get sucked into that world and escape the real world for the game session you can draw inspiration from two worlds.

Also pay attention to your dreams, I have a few songs written partially about music that was in my head as soon as I woke up which had to do with my dreams the night prior.

Every place you go will give you a different feeling for a song, when writing the final track on the debut I was in New Haven walking the streets near Toads Place. It was night-time, neon lights, smell of cocaine in the air (distinct smell of the cut of cocaine; gotta love New Haven!) anyway it was rainy, people wearing trench coats and not looking at you as you passed them by, myself wearing my black leather sports jacket and doing the same. all the sudden a mixture of the rain drops, feet hitting the side walk, and the sounds of wind passing my ears began to form music, and suddenly some-one slammed a door "DING" went the bell on the door to alert the owner of customers, now go listen Satellite Music Video on You Tube The bell is from the door (not recorded but once heard that ding it all came into place, everything surrounding me as I walked I heard the song exactly as you hear it aside from vocal melody. Theirs a synth making a "do choppa do choppa" kind of noise or a deep toned slapping or something, hard to explain, this was a mixture of the breeze and the rain being splashed by myself as i walked rythmatically. the wonderful synth that keeps looping (my favorite part along with the bass line and piano that follows it) is straight up rythem from the rain drops. Dig it? Feel the dark disturbed late-night city feel from the song! its there man.

Am I fucking nuts?

even if so, I hope I helped.

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The Rush song "Witch Hunt" was serious inspiration for a sub-plot in a larger story I'm working on, involving a highly oppressive theocracy, and I named a short story I wrote "A Day in the Life" as a homage to the Beatles song that helped inspire it.

It's hard to explain, but a lot of mental images imparted by music go into my writing.

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It definitely happens to me a lot but in different ways. Sometimes it's the lyrical content of songs that inspire me or it's simply just how the music makes me feel. Like recently, listening to 65daysofstatic just totally puts me into the drawing mood while not exactly making me want to come up with something to express how the music makes me feel.

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The language is hazey but I'm not sure that's what anyone is talking about in this thread.

Are people being randomly inspired by music or are they playing music to be inspired? Let's clear THAT up, first.

It's more intuitive than anything. Inspiration always comes unexpectedly to me.

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Look around you. Walk the city streets and cary your notebook, walk through the forest, talk to random people for inspiration, look at photography and paintings, watch movies, read books (I do little of but have been listening to audio books more recently, running with scissors atm) fuck play video games, especially MMORPG's as if your like me and can get sucked into that world and escape the real world for the game session you can draw inspiration from two worlds.

Also pay attention to your dreams, I have a few songs written partially about music that was in my head as soon as I woke up which had to do with my dreams the night prior.

I love that bird idea. That's brilliant. I carry a notepad everywhere I go and started recorded my dreams back in 2006. I call them my 'Mental Memoirs." I've gotten music from my dreams, after a few minutes, I forget it. I grab a good amount of stories though. It's fun shit, and it makes for more complex, more unique tales (in my sense, since I'm a better writer than musician [though, im pretty good at that too lol]). I've only hheard three songs in my head that I've retained, all of which were assembled stoned, and tried to play, but they don't sound as good since I don't have the proper equipment that you do. That's why I love reading too. When my emotions connect to stories or music, you feel like you've entered a new universe, a new place where emotions overlap and connect to other people and objects. Feeling with characters, others in this reality, and with the overall story is the best thing about being an artist.

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i let music inspire me all the time. sometimes i put on a particular band or genre when i need to get into a specific mindset (Minus the Bear are good at getting me OUT of any misanthropic place i might be after work), sometimes a song i'm listening to will randomly inspire me to do something random and unrelated. one of my fave pictures i did this year was inspired by "asleep on the forest floor" by Genghis Tron

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