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My mother just emailed me to inform me that she is taking all of the money from my savings account that I have had put aside for tuition. She can do this, because she controls the account. Four thousand dollars. For me, that's about 5 or 6 semesters. I'm supposed to start registering for my winter and summer courses soon.

I can't continue my program anymore.

I actually have to quit my job now, which I love and is preparing me for my career, and work fulltime at some shit job just so I can restart saving thousands of dollars all over a-fucking-gain.

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I have to quit because I am only offered part time hours, and there is no chance of getting more. It's only enough to pay my bills, with maybe $50 left over. I need a full time job.

Fuck. She is taking it to teach me a lesson about spending money. She's being a fucking moron! She said the VISA bill was high from me, and it's because I charged my tuition to it online because I forgot to transfer money to pay for it, and the deadline was that day, so I had to get it done ASAP. Then I went and transfered money from my account to the VISA right after, within the day. I paid it off, I just needed the convenience of doing it online. She didn't like that I did that. Then, I had to go to the optometrist. I had to pay for an eye exam and glasses. That was $295. I told her that I would put it on her VISA, and she said that was fine, because that's what it's for. I always use it for medical things. She knows this, I emailed her about it, I spoke to her in person and on the phone about it.

She's just being a cunt and punishing me for not going to Bible college, ultimately.

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this makes no sense and is in no way acceptable for anyone to do, much less a "parent".

if i didn't think you'd take it semi-seriously i might recommend stabbing the bitch.

whoops :whistling:

edit: the only lesson i see this teaching is how to open a bank account in your own name.

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