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International events from the past 5 years or so...


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...that involve states cooperating towards a positive end. I'm writing an essay (for tomorrow! yay being ahead on my work!) and the topic is:

"Realists argue that cooperation among countries is difficult and largely irrelevant. Are they right? Using what you know from lectures, readings, and current events, take a stance and defend it."

I'm trying to disprove that and I need a current event. Not quite sure of any so I was wondering if any of you politically aware people could help me out.

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At our university, it's kind of accepted that if you use Wikipedia, the professors will be unhappy.

I'd just watch out for that in the future. It'd probably be helpful if you talked to a librarian and found out what databases your school has access to, and learn how to use those. It's worth your grade to have proper sources.

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