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death penalty for pot

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This is an article out to cannabis culture magazine… its by Marc Emery, the founder, and its about his struggle with the governments (Canada and the US) in his ant-probation movement. You guys can discuses the article as a whole if you wont but I wont you all to focus on a paragraph about ¼ the way down (next to the picture of a guy holding a “DEA raid in progress, go home DEA” sine)

While the police were raiding the various places they believed seeds and records were stored, activists like David Malmo-Levine and brave others protested the attack with street protests. The media, who were informed immediately by Chris Bennett and the Cannabis Culture magazine team, descended on the scene at BCMP Headquarters. Within hours everyone in British Columbia was bombarded in the media with the news that the US government was seeking to extradite myself and two friends back to the USA for my seed selling ways. It was clear the potential penalties were severe if I were to be extradited and prosecuted in the US, probably a life imprisonment. Under Drug Kingpin legislation, selling over 60,000 seeds qualifies for the death penalty in the United States. The manufacture or distribution of 60,000 kilograms of marijuana, 60,000 plants or 60,000 seeds all are included in death penalty provisions of the medieval law passed by a Newt Gingrich congress. I would be the first person under this recent law who could qualify to be executed for the activity I have clearly done with the tacit approval of everyone in Canada.

It says that under US law it is possible for you to get the death penalty for the manufacturing or distribution of marijuana… I personally found this ridicules…


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Why must people die over such a harmless and fun thing as weed?

the goverment, and a portion of society in the united states veiw drugs as "bad"

yet theis same people will buy some chemical drug that fixes one problem and creates 10 more

if the goverment wasnt such a hard ass we could just fix the law and legalize it

we drink and smoke but we cant toke? who's the dumb ass who made that crap up?

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