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Reason why outland wont be totally deserted of level 70+ players after Lich King is released

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Thread titles is the subject. Can't really think of anything myself (except maybe achievements, which are worth practically NOTHING), so I'm making this thread to see if you guys can think of anything. I'm only just about to hit 70 so I don't want all the Outland raids and level 70 instances to be deserted like when I first hit 60 a few months ago.

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It's still in the level bracket. And yeah, it's going to be full of DK's for at least a few months. And since they can reasonably off tank and DPS groups should still fill out nicely. I also think the adoption rate for WotLK will be slower. And like said above, they're just more enjoyable as a whole, so people will probably still run them. The WotLK quest gear also isn't "OMG EPIC" right off the bat like Outlands. Sure, I saw a pretty big jump in DPS after getting there, but it was nothing like Outland for the first couple levels.

I wanted to run a lot of the old world instances when I hit 60, but could never get enough people together.

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