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So, I've been living at my moms house (Yeah, Baller, i know.) I can't really take the constant bitching anymore so im off to live out of my car.

i have a safe place to store all my shit, so i wont have to totally live out of my car. Only problem is i really don't have insurance on the whip, im kinda limited to places where i can park and sleep until i can find a job.

Anyone got any T&T for living outta your car?

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well its not like im not going to know anyone, My best friends are there and I have been in the area my entire life. Im still going to be in Mt. pleasant. Im just leaving my house basically.

Gotta have income to have housing. Gotta have a job for income.

oh yeah, i don't think you guys know my parents...

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I wouldn't worry too much about it. I mean, what's so bad about living in a vehicle? I pretty much had to do the exact same thing for two months, and I never needed to go home. And I didn't. You do what you have to do. Provided you don't have shit winters like we do, you'll be fine. You'd be surprised at how little you actually need. The worst part is not being able to cook, and that at times, you might require an electrical outlet. I couldn't do it again though. I luckily managed to have options of where to sleep besides my truck.

It's not an absurd idea at all, I would say. Just stay warm, and eat properly.

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Haha. Just find out when a pizza place near you closes. If they do a decent amount of business, they've almost always got leftovers. Check their dumpsters like ten minutes after they "officially" close.

Some places are less helpful than others, obviously.

As for parking, on that blog the guy suggests getting a car cover at least. They're not suspicious and no one can look into see you sleeping.

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well i've already done this car thing to great effect, i was more curious if anyone had any awesome ideas for parking (considering i am un-insured, last time i had insurance.)

also good places to get dumpster peetze and the like.

jimmy johns usually throws away garbage bags full of bread.

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So you are going to reapply at jimmy johns while you are taking food from the garbage....... am i the only person that finds this a little odd?

if he gets the job then they'll let him just have it. i know far to many people working at the local JJ's and have spent many a drunken 4am's noming on some free bread. while i don't think this is the best route to go colin, its your choice and i'd rather help out than leave someone to starve.

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I don't really know why people associate freegan with vegan. Other than that it rhymes, and it's a type of "lifestyle choice." In fact, I would be inclined to say that the majority of "freegans" that I know are completely the opposite of every vegan that I know.

On the topic of places to eat... A&W tosses out hamburgers every night, and they are in the foil wrap, perfectly eatable. The one by my old house wasn't locked, but you'll obviously have to watch out for that.

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