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So, a couple weeks back when I mentioned that I didn't really seem to be clicking with the content of my philosophy class, a couple people at least said they really enjoyed the topic. I sorta' need some help. My midterm is coming up. Since this is basically a required course and there's a fair number of people in it he wouldn't take it otherwise, my instructor decided to make it semi-easy. He's given us a list of ten questions, of which six will be on the exam and we'll have to choose three to answer. Reasonably easy.

Thing is, I'm not really sure about the questions. I'll be answering them all myself by going through the handful of books I have and Googling everything, but I was hoping you guys might answer a couple of them too so I can know if I'm on the right track or miss important details.

1.Explain the role that the Myth of the Metals plays in Plato’s design of the ideal city. Why is it necessary?

2.Compare the role reason plays in the theories of Plato and Hobbes.

3.What role does the idea of destiny play in the ideas of Confucius?

4.Explain Marx’s view of ideology. How can this help us critique various theories?

5.Explain the idea of virtue as a mean, and the role of practical wisdom in Aristotle’s account.

6.How does the view that absolute knowledge is available to us affect the ideas of Augustine and Plato?

7.Compare Biblical and Aristotelian views of pride.

8.How do other-worldly and humanist accounts tend to differ? Use examples to explain your view.

9.Explain the idea that society is based on a contract.

10.Explain Plato’s story of the Cave. What is it intended to show?

Anyway, I know it's probably all really basic or something, but I've just been having a lot of trouble coming to terms with most of the content for this course. Thanks for any help.

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I cant help you with much but I do know the answer to the first question

The Myth of the Metals is “noble lie” in Plato designed of the kallipolis. Plato (Socrates?) tells everyone that they are made of earth with just a little bit of metal mixed in (gold, silver, or iron/bronze). People with gold become the leader guardians, silver become the auxilery guardians, and iron/bronze become tradesmen. The myith also states that if a iron/bronze person gets into a position of political power it will be the end of the kallipolis. Plato doesn’t believe that everyone is capable of being a philosophically minded leader that the guardians are, so he deisagnis this to keep people within their “class”

Its important because Plato (Socrates?, using whoever your teacher taught it as it probably best) later defines justice in the city as everyone doing their assigned role in order to create unity. Also that whole part about it being the end of the city if the wrong type of person gains power.

Sorry about the disorganized blurb which doesn’t really include anything you probably didn’t already know. I will try again later and see if I can do a better job at answering the question

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Oh god, please help. I've been at this for hours and can still only answer 1,3,4, and 5. I can't find jack shit to help me with the others, or the explanations I find (Plato's stupid cave) are completely unintelligible to me. If I can just get SOMETHING for three more questions then at the very least I'll be guaranteed to be able to answer three of the six questions. Even if the answers suck.

Edit: 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10... Assuming that the cave is supposed to be an examination of the learning process associated with the pursuit of the greater good... or something. At least Confcuis is interesting and straight forward.

Edit2: Yeah, I'm completely out of steam now. Well, six is alright... realistically it should turn out fine... :mellow:

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Meh. No biggie. I figure I still managed to score a B. I had solid answers for two questions, and a really shaky answer about the Humanist/other-worldly one, and he said something about there being another way to score points for the exam just as we were finishing.

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