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Epic AE Beards (or BAErds)


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Beards go here.

At some point we'll have a contest. The finest beard will have the people's admiration, and fame forever. Make sure you also discuss your beard... How fast it grows, shaving tips, whatever. This is the beard megathread.


About my beard: I haven't trimmed it in about three weeks or so. I've always been self conscious about it looking ratty so I used to trim it alot, but I'm deciding to throw caution to the wind (I'm not getting laid this month anyway :hardgay: ) and just grow it long. So far I'm happy. I shave maybe twice a week, my beard doesn't grow super fast.


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I like. It's cute. :wub:

Heya -- I didn't know women on AE engaged in flirting. I thought it was just the straight guys fucking with each other all day.

Still waitin on those fake beard pics :wub:



Fuck you guys. I still can't get anything more facial hair than when I was 14. :(

I couldn't grow a decent beard for a long time. I only tried for the first time about a year ago...

Then again, some people just can't grow beards. I dunno why.

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Hahaha... I need to find a felt pen first...and I haven't posted a pic on here before :blush:

Also, it has occurred to me that while it will most definitely be fun, drawing a mustache on my face will not look hot. :awesome:

Yeah, um... definitely, no one on here finds that hot. Yeah, that would be weird...

HAHAHAHAHA just kiddin'

But seriously, what would be better for your first pic posted on AE than one with a fake beard? I guess the only issue is if you had to go to work the next day. Hahaha. That would be kinda awesome.

"Yeah, so we were drinking a bit last night... you know, the usual... anyway, there was a felt pen and I fell asleep first. You know how it is."

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Psh it's just the classic "look at my beard" face. I was actually doing it too without realizing you did it in your pics. xD


I shaved most of it off today. I want to grow something between a chinpuff and an anchor so I can look like ye olde gentleman aww yeeauh.

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