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Howdy Everybody,

just joined today. looking to get to know new people. I am 25 and I live in PA. I graduated from college and work as a administrator for a small company, but you may as well call it a glorified tech support job, its boring and it sucks. I live in a quaint little condo or bachelor pad if you will, it's pretty sweet. I enjoy computers, playing video games (mynew fav is guitar hero), and karaoke. Look forward to chatting with every single one of you wonderful people.

catch ya on the flip side

MoP :headbang:

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thanks Metallica is my fav. band, and i'm talking old stuff not that newtallica crap, but there new album doesn't seem too bad.

I'm not gonna get into that because this thread will become a Metallica circle jerk (meaning they're my favorite band too, their new album is the best one in 20 years) but yeah.

Ask anybody on AE and they'll tell you how big of a Metallica freak I am.

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