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Accelerated Evolution

finished producing Albion's free EP. Great chill trippy pop (The Cure Fans will love it)


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My first big production job, Reached for an echory "The Cure", "Chroma Key", "Blackfield" sounds.

so fans of "Porcupine Tree" "The Cure" "Chroma Key" "Blackfield" "Pinkfloyd" "VNV Nation" and just a fan of trippy ass music that is in short pop song structures.

Additional synthesizers added by myself.

01 - 01 Different Love

02 - 02 Losing Days

03 - 04 January Song (I added the most to this song / had the most influence for sure, I made it one of my own I bet you can tell what is mine haha :) )

04 - 05 What's Wrong (Early NiN influence <3 I love that aspect. more curey guitar. I am a fan of echo and delay at the same time, sounds like its sparkling)


give me a 1-10 on the production work.

I say... 8/10, was too busy working on my own music. let me know.

Also to be featured as a bonus track on their upcoming CD I remixed Liu Cain's pop hit in germany (lead singer on Galexia's Asfixia) its like a 3 minute simple pop tune, with 3/4ths the lyrics I cut out hahaha. I also growl during the song in this version, re recorded the bass and drums completely destroying theirs, and I distorted a synth to sound like distorted guitar (the main pop hook line). Made a very interesting near 6 minute version.


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Alright man well first off I'm very disappointed in you. The 02, 04, 05 tracks had NO ID3 tags!!! So it took me quite a bit of searching through to find the files. also is there a 3rd song that I didnt extract or is it missing?

On to the real stuff,

I thought overall the sound and atmospheric lay out was very fitting to the style. I dig the added synths, they made the sound more full, filling in the gaps. It wasn't over done, it was real, and organic feeling, which I like alot.

As for the band I thought the songs were really solid. I thought they ironically have a real pop appeal simply due to the diversity of their sound. Track 02 reminded me instrumentally A LOT like mellon collie pumpkins.

Anyhow overall I thought the four songs had some really great highlights and depth, as the production once again, was extremely suitable to their sound. I think in this instance "less was more".


8.5/10 balls rocked.

by the way, you've officially made it to my moms fridge. She posted the newspaper article of GALEXIA

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thanks broseph, I have an idea to place 'The Twisted Mile at the end of the galexia CD (the maze) after like 5 minutes of silence.

oh wow, that'd be crazy amazing actually, if you want to make the song more appropriate and fitting for whatever idea you have I'd have no problem rerecording the song to benefit your visions.

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I am Daniel Klein, Martyna Halas's boyfriend. I also wrote an e-mail to Ken personally about this, so he should have been able to connect the dots. Martyna and the former Albion guys, who are now her band mates in Liu Cain, were frankly too pissed off last night to write anything, so they asked me to do it on their behalf. I should have clarified that.

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