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This happened in the beginning of the week and I didn't think it was that big a deal, but it's been eating at me.

I was in my life drawing class on Monday and it's a full sized class. I say this because it's very difficult to move if you need something in that room because there are a million easels and stools and people inhabiting them. Anyway, depending on what we're doing, we'll either do a series of short drawings [20-40 minutes] or one long drawing [hour and a half or two]. We are given breaks every so often anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. In this time, some people step out to have a smoke, get some food or they walk around the room and observe what other people are doing and if someone's there while they're looking, maybe talk to them.

Here's where my story begins. In the class I was in we had to do this thing where we tear up bits of paper to block out tones on the figure and glue them together to make it look objective [the human form] even though you're using abstract shapes [ripped paper] to create the overall composition. Now I've never done this before and I was the only one who's first time it was. We did one that was an hour and a half overall and so about halfway through we get another break. So this fat chick [normally I'd be more polite, but this is a rant and she is a bitch.] is walking around checking everyone's stuff out. I'm sitting at my stool talking to a woman who was taking the class as a recreational deal when the fat chick happens upon her and I. I was still engaged in conversation, but I was watching fat chick out of the corner of my eye and after she stood for a second I stopped talking. She never looked at me or said anything; She did however take a good look at my composition, shake her head condescendingly and give a derisive little chuckle. This gets my attention. She's almost to the door when I felt justified in saying, "Yeah you keep on walking bitch." and she turned around and gave me a look like "Are you talking to me?" and I sat and nodded my head and said "Yeah, you." Then she left all pissed off.

I resumed my conversation with the lady I was sitting with and she said "I can't believe she just did that, that was incredibly rude." and I agreed. She said "There's something about her, she's got that kind of attitude, when I sit next to her she gives the same shit to other people."

Now I'll admit, her stuff is better than mine and it's pretty decent. But the way she carries herself it's like she thinks she should be teaching the fucking class. Now, I'm not one for competition or comparing when it comes to art that I do, but I guess for some people it is.

Now, when she did that, at first it just pissed me off. I bitched about how unnecessary it was and let it go. But as the days went by it started to bother me more. I know when people have the kind of air about them, their target is to make other people feel under them or like they're not as good as them or whatever. And like I just said, I admit that she does at least that, better than I do. I'm not typically susceptible to those kinds of mind games, but to be honest it did make me start to think if I was good or not. I started going through my portfolio and became very underwhelmed by it. There's some nice stuff in there but it needs a good beefing up. At the time after it happened I did feel kind of a shitty for a bit about the quality of my work, but then yesterday I just said "Fuck her, I'm a damn good artist. I may not be the best, but I'm pretty decent."

More than anything this rant is about artists who are like that. After that happened I seemed to notice just how stuck up a lot of people are that I go to class with. Not all of them, but it made me pay more attention to the attitudes held and behaviors of some of my fellow students and it really pissed me off. Why can't people just fucking be? Why can't they accept that they're at a certain skill level and not have to be up everyone else's ass about how good they think they are?

There's another one. His nose is so far up every art professor's ass he can smell what they ate for fucking dinner. He makes it a point to show off all of his shit [which frankly, sucks] and always trying to be seen talking to professor's casually. I've had conversations with him [kept short at my discretion] and he's just one of those guys who thinks he's King fucking Midas and everything he does it perfection. He's the kind of guy who asks you a question so he can talk about himself. Are people just that insecure? Or are they just assholes? Or are they just trying to assert themselves because they want to be made to feel important? I've really only noticed it in the art community. All my other friends are either Business majors or music majors and all the music people are fucking cool as hell and they don't seem to have that sort of personality. I wonder what it is...

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Wow what a dirty fat whore, I've seen your stuff it's really good. People like her are just insecure about their work so they try to put everyone else down to make themselves feel like the greatest ever.

Thanks man.

It's just bothersome because it's so unnecessary and sometimes, like in my case, that attitude actually has some kind of effect. I just don't know how to handle the situation should it happen again. Cause like, it's college so you can't be like "Professor, fat chick is being a bitch." I told myself if it happens again I'd just go off on her, but it's probably not what I should do. Just don't know how else to do it.

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I understand the situation and everything, but was that really necessary to say...

A lot of the business majors I've ran into at the University I go to are usually the worst. Or Science majors. A lot of them think that what I'm doing is pointless. It's odd that it's different for you, but I guess that's cool!

I know but it's like, I've never had that happen to me before so it was a little more outrageous for me. Not that I've never had my stuff smacked down before, but like that kind of stuff isn't constructive, it's just asshole-ish. And that's what I was saying in response to Gummy is like I know it wasn't good but if it happens again I can see myself doing the same thing but worse cause I don't know how to approach that the right way.

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I'm not typically susceptible to those kinds of mind games, but to be honest it did make me start to think if I was good or not. I started going through my portfolio and became very underwhelmed by it. There's some nice stuff in there but it needs a good beefing up. At the time after it happened I did feel kind of a shitty for a bit about the quality of my work, but then yesterday I just said "Fuck her, I'm a damn good artist. I may not be the best, but I'm pretty decent."

But yeah, that's why you're in school. :snakes:

She sounds really dumb.

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Yea I've known some people like that, though they've never attacked me directly. But there was this girl in high school who my art teacher was always sucking her fucking dick about her paintings. Even though she totally ripped her style off Tim Biskup. It really pissed me off but I just let it go.

Just don't let that shit get to you man, because a lot of people are snobbish and walk around like everything they produce should be hung in a gallery. And don't ever ever ever let someone make you feel like you aren't good enough. If anything use that energy to focus on making your skills top notch. Then they'll see that they aren't all that and will get their heads out of their asses.

I haven't ran into anybody like that at my art school yet, everyone has just been really cool with each other so far so I guess I've been lucky.

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She's fat, fat people are irrelevant in this world.

Second, I haven't met many good artists that were fat anyways, the term "starving artist" had to be derived from somewhere, and the empty box of her Hungry Man dinner definitely wasn't the origin.

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon.

There seems to be a positive correlation between a female's weight and how much of an annoying bitch she is. This isn't always the case, but it has to be a trend.

Both of thee statements are highly credible.

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Here's the issue I think is really bothering you: You let her get to you. She won. Not only did you allow her to provoke you and make you question your artistic ability, you lashed out and made yourself look like the dick in front of your contemporaries.

As other people have mentioned, those 'types' are everywhere, unfortunately. As an artist, you will have to develop a thicker skin. I know it's a difficult thing. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that art is subjective or that the 'success' of an artist is not determined by any one person's opinion.

My advice would be to treat her comments like the tripe they are. You could even address the obvious in the guise of a joke: laugh at her and "agree." Or, you could kill her with kindness. People hate it when you're overly nice to them and they know you hate them. Or, you could just play her stupid game. So, she laughs at your stuff and you ask her (in at least a seemingly genuine fashion) for her opinion and advice. Treat her like the teacher she thinks she is. So, you have to endure her douchebaggery for a few minutes, but, you might actually learn something beneficial, and networking is never a bad thing in the early development of a career. If you think about indulging her ego as exploiting her knowledge for your own sake, it's a lot easier to do.

It sucks, but we have to put up with these people.

You know, if it's bothering you for the reasons I think it is, you might apologize to her and explain why you reacted the way you did. Maybe she'll apologize for being a cunt, and you'll be friends (and you'll teach her something), or she'll just be a dumb bitch about it and you can walk away knowing you're the better person.

That is what it is/was. Normally that kind of shit doesn't phase me but I was actually talking to one of my friends today after he withdrew from his English class about it again. In a way it was good, cause it made me become more proactive about really getting some shit down that's top shelf work for a transfer portfolio, but also in a bad way because it was handled so poorly.

The thing about thick skin I can attest to, as I've been doing this since like middle school and even though there were a lot of people who encouraged me throughout the years there have been nearly the same amount doing the opposite. And I've come to accept it. Problem here is that when it comes to an outright critique, I do have thick skin. Shit doesn't bother me. However, some rude person coming up and just casually giving negative gestures to people isn't a critique, it's just a piss poor attitude; and that I have no patience for. A structured breakdown of why something sucks that's constructive I can deal with and actually have in the past as it is done to help; A random negative gesture from someone with an ego as big as all outdoors is something that I find almost unjust in a way. If you understand what I'm saying. There's no discussion and no defense, only judgment and no offer of improvement. And that is what truly caused me to call her a bitch in front of like 10 other people. I'm not usually like that, it's just like I've never had that happen when someone basically takes a shit on something of yours and walks away with nothing spoken whatever.

If this makes me sound like a dick, so be it, but I refuse to apologize to her. Only because I feel like I wasn't in the wrong. I probably shouldn't have used the word "bitch" but I would've said something anyway and in a situation like that, I feel like something needs to be said by someone and if no one else will then that person is me. And that's not me being stubborn, some of my best friends have been made after an apology I made for something I didn't mean to say or do, so I know what you're talking about. But this felt so much more personal. It's my art. The piece she commented on wasn't fantastic by any stretch of the imagination, but I had no prior experience with it. But the point is, it's my work, my expression and my passion. Even if it's just a nude woman with her back facing me made up of torn pieces of paper. I don't usually use this expression, but more than anything, it was the principle of the matter. Shitting on something that someone puts their everything into. It's not right. And that's why I remain unapologetic even now, almost two weeks later. At the same time, that does not mean I'm holding a grudge. I have no ill will towards her, just an unpleasant experience that's come and gone. That's all.

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Okay, there's a lot of hate for the overweight. I rhymed! :awesome:

First, in regard to the topic. This woman was being a big fat bitch. If I were in your position, I would have asked her what was so funny, and asked for some constructive criticism, and asked her if she'd done something like this before. If she got all high-and-mighty on me because she's too good to critique my work, I'd tell her to fuck off, and not look at my projects again.

edit: In regard to what you should do next time, it depends on how you want to handle the situation. I think you should ask for a critique, and if she's all "you were mean to me last time" then explain how she made you feel. If she's still mean, then hand her fat ass to her.

Second, in regard to weight. I have seen mean, fat women, and I've seen nice, fat women. The meanness correlation goes both ways, my friends. Being a heavyset dude, I have run into more than my fair share of "hot" bitches. In fact, most skinnier girls look at me with utter disgust. I always get that halfway-smile from these bitches who think they're better than me because I'm out of shape. It seems I have as much contempt for the "skinny/underweight" as you guys do for the "fat/overweight." That being said, I've met a few skinnier girls (including my ex-gf) who actually treat me like a human, so there's no reason to bring that kind of hate out here.

Third, I'd like to point out that my current beau is on the heavier side, and is the sweetest girl I've ever known. Conversely, my ex-gf's mom is a big, fat bitch. Weight does not dictate personality. Let's try not to generalize too much, 'kay? ^_^

Fourth, I know this is the rant pit, where generalizations are rule of thumb, but I think this hate for rotund persons is misplaced because of one stuckup bitch.

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Well all the fat business was only because she pissed me off and anything I referred to about her being fat after the OP was said in jest because I was still pissed off. If I was in a serious mindset it would've been different, but since I was all pissed off when I wrote this and a few days following I still called her a fat bitch. That's all.

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Well, if it's gone, that's good. I thought it was something that was bothering you persistently, in which case it is something you need to address somehow. If not, good.

When I suggested you might apologize, it wasn't because I was picking sides. I think she was wrong. She's a bitch; a lot of people are. A lot of people don't know how to offer constructive criticism, or even engage in discussion. It's a frustrating condition of society. So....while you absolutely do not have to tolerate disrespect, I think it will benefit you more to handle it differently. You haven't "put her in her place" if she walks away thinking you're the asshole (and the observers do too). Imagine if you could have communicated even a small portion of what you have said here!

And the suggestion was just one of several. Personally, I would have made a sarcastic joke about it, but that's how I tend to deal with conflict and trauma.

Anyway, I'm sorry she made you feel shitty about your art. And if she does it again, I want her to know it! >:(

My 'sister' is an artist. She finished her BFA last year. Every time she has a show, she gets some incredibly harsh criticism. She does a lot of stuff that explores female sexuality, particularly her own. In one show, she had a series of pieces that depicted a topless young woman in a variety of poses that hid her face and exposed her back and sides. In each picture, there was a different 'bubble' locating and magnifying a deep laceration. The series revealed these cuts all over her body. One man told her that this wasn't art, and it shouldn't even be allowed to be shown in public. Another man said it was "offensive to [his] eyes."

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I fucking HATE people who say shit like that. D<<<

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Well all the fat business was only because she pissed me off and anything I referred to about her being fat after the OP was said in jest because I was still pissed off. If I was in a serious mindset it would've been different, but since I was all pissed off when I wrote this and a few days following I still called her a fat bitch. That's all.

Honestly, it was what Alundra and SD said that bothered me, not what you said (though your agreeing with them bothered me a little, too). At any rate, I'm bothered no longer, I just need to get a funny-bone-marrow transplant so I can grow a new funny bone.

Keep up the good art work, though. If what you do, you consider to be good, then it's probably 1000 times better than my shit.

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