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I'm on a very liberal campus.

1) Why do people feel the need to bash their opponents? Seriously, are you so immature that you must have your political foes be Satan? Really? Are you so stupid that you can't see how people can disagree without making it an attack? I find myself defending people I don't agree with because certain people are such pricks that they can't accept the fact that their opponents might not be evil, insipid assholes who are simultaneously incapable of the thought it takes to breathe and walk at the same time, yet still can still plot evil plans. Now, in their defense, most of these people can usually be considerate, but they make one mistake:

2) You assume my politics. Why? Really, is it necessary? If i don't go around preaching, can you really assume? And if I tell you that I'm not willing to tell you who I'm voting for, do you really need to assume that means I'm voting for your opponent? Can't I just not want to go around parading my views when there's no one to oppose them and provide for constructive discussion? Doesn't the fact that ballots are secret imply that somewhere, someone might want to keep his vote secret for some reason?

3) My home state, home district, and local elections are not inferior to yours. I have made this abundantly clear already. I'd like to quote my old teacher. If you don't get that "we have a lovely door, let me show you how to use it." Furthermore, if your current campaign is any indication, I don't want you in office Mr. Merkley, because your campaign is overzealous. Is your platform really that you're a dem and we want more dems in office? Because that's one of the two things that your campaign volunteers know (the other is that my home district, whatever it is, must be inferior.) So go take a flying fuck while I vote on my home elections. Yes, some are not competitive. But maybe I care about some of them. You don't know why I might care about a judge, a DA, a state representative, or even a member of the house. Hell, you don't even ask where I'm registered to find out if there's an important statewide election there. So go fuck yourself Mr. Merkley. And just to be fair, your opponent can git rid of those damn ads that show up all over the place, because they are also pretty damn annoying.

4) Facebook groups: no. Just no. I won't go into this any more than to say that they make me very sad.

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