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I usually have no problem with midterms. Throw in the first deadline for reactor checkoffs (think oral exams) the fact that the first one I studied for I spent hours on but apparently I don't have all the information I need to take it, travel plans that were earlier than I originally thought (those may have died) and for good measure an exam that I'm supposed to pick up from outside my profs office but isn't really there, and, with all of that thrown in, then I have problems.

I spent a good part of these past two days breaking down. I broke down hard enough to struggle with my physics exam and a reactor checkoff not because I don't know enough, but because of stress. That's not really something I'm familiar with.

I tried to contact my math prof, but so far no response. I'm on the verge of taking the other exam, the one for his linear algebra class, and seeing how he handles me just turning that one in. I took LA last year, so I might still know some of it, but without a book or notes I couldn't make an effective cheat sheet, and I can't take that additional disadvantage.

I have a flight that leaves at 4:15. I might make it if my math prof contacts me soon enough and lets me take the exam later., but I'll probably just miss the flight.

All of this, including my incoherence, will be better by Sunday. Well, maybe the math test won't be done, but I will know what the deal is by then if it means camping outside my profs office until he picks up the exams.

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