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Please help if you can

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Hi everyone-

I'm in a real bind here and I hate to do it, but I'm begging for help. Thanks to some pay issues I'm now two months behind on my mortgage payment, and I'm running out of options. If I lose my home, so does my brother, my sister, and her baby.

If you can spare some change, I'm taking donations through Paypal. My address is lainhartj@bellsouth.net

Thank you for your time and friendship. I love you all dearly.

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Well I got a payment plan worked out with Chase's collections department. Funny thing was that I was asking the homeowner's assistance department for help, they never got back to me after 2 months of me trying to get a hold of them, then finally the other day I got them on the line and they couldn't help me, but lo and behold, the collections department could. Ugh, if I would have known that back in October I may be caught up by now.

Jesus I hate banks.

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