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2008 World Series


Who'll win?  

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  1. 1. WHO SHALL WIN?

    • Tampa Bay Rays
    • Phillies

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It better be Tampa, I don't want some crazed Philly fans running wild if the Phils win. I also think the Rays pitching staff is better than the Phillies (minus Hamels). I expect the Phils to win both games which he starts, but lose the rest. Games 3 and 4 stack up very well for the Rays.

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God I hate Philly fans.

People are currently celebrating like they just won the Series. I can't make this shit up. Somebody set off fireworks, a few people were shooting their guns off, people were honking their horns driving down the street. You still have 2 more games to win, and you only start Cole Hamels for one of them and he's facing Scott Kazmir who is more than due for a stellar performance.

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Holy fuck let it be known that game 3 of the 2008 World Series looks as if someone either paid the homeplate umpire and the 3rd base ump or they are the stupidest fucking people ever.

Did anyone see that blatant tag out at 3rd when he was caught between home and 3rd? He tagged him so obviously that the glove bent all the way, he wasn't even near the base.

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The umpires in this World Series have been terrible and have directly affected runs scoring in 3 of the games. It's pretty sad since these are supposed to be the best MLB has to offer.

I want to change my vote to Phillies, when Joe Blanton hit that HR I figured that everything unexpected as happening for the Phillies. It's when crazy things like that happen that it's clearly their year.

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