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Paranoia Agent *SPOILERS*


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Well, so while recovering from getting my wisdom teeth taken out I sat down, well... lied down mostly, and watched this anime. I have to say I was very impressed with it... but unfortunately medication, tiredness, and spitting blood out of my mouth every few minutes kind of didn't give me a perfect experience in watching it. Yes, I got the idea that Shonen Bat (Or Lil Slugger as he is called in the dub, which I did not watch) was an illusion created by that one girl (My real problem with watching it as I did was that I missed the names of just about every character) to hide the fact it was her fault her dog died 10 years ago or something. Now, my real questions are: 1) Was the Shonen Bat who was arrested real? (If he was, I'm assuming it was some kid desperate to be a celebrity) 2) Was every Shonen Bat attack a suicide attempt or were some or were none? 3) Did, once word got out, people just use him as an excuse for their own mistakes?

Again, I think I understand the series... just want to make sure. And if this post is kind of tough to read... I'm still on medication.

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1) Yes he was real, he was an insane kid who blurred the line between fantasy and reality and dressed like Shounen Bat.

2) At least one was, but there were a couple that were actually done by the illusion (or so I gathered). He was created as an illusion but became real.

3) I think that's up for interpretation, though I would lean towards yes.

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