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I played it for an hour last night. Dope as shit! Just like FC1 only way more polished with some dope new features.

its rad like if you take phone calls from the other in game buddy characters (that you can choose to be as a main character but if not they are NPC's that help you out) then you can take on missions in different ways. for example I had a mission to go kill some guiy in his mansion but my buddy called saying he needed me to threaten him and get location codes inputed as he is the only person to do it. you see he's been stealing cargo and re-selling it so by doing this it brings one faction to fight at the shanty town against the other along with your buddy, if you kill him your buddy calls saying something like "Whats the deal man, why are you leaving my ass in the wind" and this option doesn't happen plus he may not dig you too much anymore.

Their's even a chance depending how you play and help buddies with their missions to have this mission I read about in the IGN review to drop a warhead on a bridge and destroy the embargo and all these enemies, if you don't get that path you have to go in with your guns and kill them.

PS. Flamethrower is absolute pwn.

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^ me and my main home boy warren after that shanty town mission, lets say I burnt alot of people and things.

^ welcome to the (African) jungle!

^ many many vehicles in the game (love the JEEP logo'd ones lol) aslong as it doesn't completely blow up you can go to the engine, hit E and repair the engine just about good as new.

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Gotta remember its africa. Lots of browns but keep this in mind VERY open ended gameplay, far better looking in motion than crysis or crysis warhead AND the engine runs better. The missions feel like a mix of an amazing FPS, GTA style side missions/underground missions, plot changing / character changing missions and limitless ways to go about the missions.

Also the map editor is the easiest and most creative map editor for any game.. you can make an incredibly detailed multiplayer map in an hour or two, totally rad.

I'd say give it a go. you'll be immersed in the beauty when you actually play it.

and as a tip, use beds and do most missions during the day, at night time its hard to see enemies, it is africa... not being racist but the african player models blend into the shadows of night -cough-

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Ugh, this is ridiculous. I bought the game on Steam cause I like Ubisoft and wanted to support them, and the game won't even load. It just freezes at the second loading screen and I have to restart my computer. A look at the forums shows that this is not an uncommon problem too.

I wish I had stuck to pirating and not supported a game that works so poorly.

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Man, I was just joking, but jesus does that game ever get un-brown? That's really turning me off. Especially considering the first one was such a lush and vivid world. Crysis just seems so much better.

dude, your in africa, theres alot of brown grass, dirt, and rocks. Its supposed to be brown!

i like the fact that your buddies are randomized everytime you play, and that shitty weapons will just blow apart after a while

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Yeah, it's got browns, but it's a much more vibrant place than that. Even the dirt roads in Ethopia and Nigeria look better than that. Besides, the browning seems more an atmospheric "immersion" device than actually trying to represent the landscape. And it's a bit much. It's like an atom bomb somehow exploded it botswana, and every particle of dust in the world managed to migrate to the region for holiday.

Especially considering how beautiful FarCry was. It'd be like buying the Fallout license and not putting in a nuclear war.

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