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Wee Free Men


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Well! It looks like Wee Free Men might actually get made into a movie! Live action, even. It was such a great book, so I'd love to see something made from it.

Do you think Pratchett has enough support out there to get this thing really and truly going? I mean, Good Omens was going to happen, too..and that had Neil Gaiman attached to it...and still nothing came of it!

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yeah...and they also made a cartoon of Wyrd Sisters. But I'd love to see something big budget and big screen.

Is this Discworld? I'm a huge Discworld fan but don't remember that title.

EDIT: All I have read by Pratchett are Discworld books and about half of Good Omens.

well, it takes place in Discworld..and it has some witchiness to it...but it's not officially of that line.

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