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What game should FC video review? (New Poll)



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  1. 1. Wat?

    • Deus Ex
    • Beyond Good and Evil
    • No One Lives Forever
    • Silent Hill 2 (haven't played yet, so review might not be best)
    • Peggle Extreme

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Sure shit. Btw, how did you capture the video/make it?

I use Fraps to capture, and then put the whole thing together in Windows Movie Maker, and compress to 1.5 bit rate.

You can use the narrate option to add the vocal track, and then I lower the game audio a couple ticks whenever I'm talking to make sure it's heard.

There used to be a whole lot more steps than that, but I got lazy, and I noticed that the quality honestly wasn't as good when I was double compressing and doing a bunch of other random stuff. Sometimes simpler is better. If you need any help let me know. =)

BG2 is one of my favorite games of all time. If you like american RPGs you will very much enjoy it and I would love to see a video of it.

It's really long, though...

Yeah, BG2 is sweet, I'm just not sure how good of a video it would make. Especially since it's mostly text and that can be hard to read or translate to film. If you do Baldur's Gate it might be better with screenshots.

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