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The Office (US)

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i watched about the first 4 eps when it first came out and then i stopped watching tv alltogether.

The two aren't really connected but i just stopped watching tv. Anyway, I really enjoy Steve Carell and hes a great fit for the show. everytone tells me the british version is fantastic and this isnt that much worse.

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I've never seen the British Office, but I do really like Steve Carrell. I'm open to the rest of the show being amazingly better than the U.S. version, but Steve Carrell is pretty much the perfect man.

Also, there's like "Offices" for all sorts of different countries -- I want to see some, haha.

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Extras is fucking amazing. Ben Stiller, Daniel Radcliffe, Orlando Bloom, SLJ and Kate Winslet are my favs along with the ones you mentioned. However nothing will ever beat the Ross Kemp one. To get it though you need to know that in every single acting role Ross Kemp has played he plays a gangster hard man type character.

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