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Accelerated Evolution

sigh.. blizzard..... sigh.....


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since WAR sold so well and it seems this wacky idea of PvP might actually work, despite our best efforts to force everyone to grind raids

Hahahahahaha. They shifted end game focus to PvP like a year ago.

To rephrase, we have not seen RvR work in T4 yet, so we can’t exactly say what features we will copy, but as soon as T4 starts up, we will be there with note pads and cameras

Because Mythic totally didn't borrow from Blizzard at all. :rolleyes:

And by core, we mean the general theme that we abandoned in 2005, then later over-killed with Arenas and jointly owned cities in Outland. We want to go back to our stolen Games Workshop IP roots and do that wacky war theme again

Stolen? It was Games Workshop the hemorrhaged too much cash and backed out of their partnership leaving Blizzard with nearly finished code that became Warcraft.

Seriously Wind, your War hardon is getting annoying. I'll agree that Blizz certainly wasn't ready for it to be as well received as it has been, but this "lawl, stupid Blizzard copies mythic" thing is getting lame.

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Play what you'd like to play, I don't give a shit - just trying to get people in on the fun while I am a catch-upable level and not decked out and whatnot, like when you joined my wow server, or vanguard etc cuz I was maxed or close to it and couldn't help ya out or group with you etc

How much longer until we can call you a troll?

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