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The power of the quake three engine with Post-Processing added free, and built into a website. Playable from any location, and any PC (unless its stone age old). First multiplayer game to be developed at ID software since Quake 3, and Carmack lead the development to ensure its technology is revolutionary.

Fan of quake 3? ever play a favorite of me, hirthy and cip... Quake 3 Rocket Arena (with the rocket arena and clan arena mods), well Clan Arena is one of the main game modes and RA. Along with Tourny (1 on 1 duel), Team DM, CTF, FFA DM and instagib.

Still in beta and I've got quite a few invites I can send out. if you want to start fragging with me post your email here and you can start playing within minutes.

Saves your player stats on the page, built in friend list, leader boards, and server browser that shows you based on your stats how competetive the servers players are in comparison with you. you can choose to run it windowed in the browser or have it take up full screen.

Its really quite amazing.

Join with me for the beta and prepare for the boldest move ID has taken yet as they invested a ton of money into this groundbreaking technology, which will be 100% free at release. (they saw CS and WoW low sys requirment games, and how much people love web based games to play at work, school, or at any pc... so they revived quake three, made it better and more competetive and free).


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