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fucked up marketing


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this morning i got a virus from someone who i never thought would be writing viruses, an anti-virus company!

i was downloading something and suddenly this icon that looks like the windows security icon pops telling me that i have a security problem!. so i clicked on it, and it linked me to a page that was trying the sell me anti-spyware. the site looked like it was going to scan my computer and come up with 50 things that symantec doesn't find, i didnt bother to wait to find out. the icon keep poping up so i set the icon to "always hide" and thought that i would just let my auto scan take care of it latter, but then it started poping up new windows and was being hella anoying.

so now im running a full scan to get this shit off my computer.

anyway, rant about fucked up marketing practices like these fucking scare tactics

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to anyone who has a syimilar problem were its says "you have a security problem!" this found it and seems to have taken care of it in a quick search http://www.besttechie.net/tools/mbam-setup.exe

i think symantec would have gotten it too but i had to go to class before it finished and it had crashed by the time i got back. if this hasn't fixed it expect a thread in computer help.

also, no the topic of fucked up marketing, life insurance commercials that try to guilt old people into buying it pisses me off.

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