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As most of already know, I have a myriad of social problems. I have no friends, generally hate myself and my life and have trouble socializing at all. I tend to have a negative outlook on life and am prone to jealousy of anyone even remotely more successful then me. I could go on and on, but let me get to the point of this thread: I need advice on things I can do to try and get rid of these problems. Recently at work I found a book about something called Neuro-Linguistic Programing. Apparently, NPL is a type of interpersonal communication model that studies behavioral patterns and supposedly, with some sort of training, allows people to be conditioned out of negative behavior (phobias, anxiety, depression, etc.). The book also mentioned something about hypnosis, though I'm not too clear on what behavioral conditioning excersizes have to do with that. I'm considering whether I should try this out or not but I'm more then a little hesitant for some obvious reasons. According the the wiki; thier really isn't any hard empirical evidance that stuff actually works and as such has been dismissed as a psuedoscience or newage claptrap at best, so my initial skeptism when I first read the title of the book was not totally unfounded. I think I will at least look into this though (several "clinics" is located in NYC) as I am tired of being a lonely, sad unsuccessful waste of space that I am and I've already tried therapy and drugs. If this all turns out to be more bullshit though, I would very much apreciat any other suggestions of psycotherpy methods or techniques that may be able to cure myself of....myself.


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It couldn't hurt, I mean if you think it will help you then try it out. And about hypnosis, you can't be hypnotized unless you really want to be. And for some people it actually does help get them rid of certain problems. I know a few people who had smoked for years and learned to quit with hypnosis therapy.

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I say that you need to get away from the city & to an isolated area & meditate for about 8 hours & come to terms with whatever is going on around you. This will help you out mentally. I do this quite often as I have Death Valley national park about 4 hours from my house. Lots of places to get away from everyone/everything & meditate for long periods at a time. Try to seek out what it is that you are trying to accomplish or what you want ultimately. I will take a Bible with me & read some texts out of it & try to meditate on what they say, how I can apply them in my life, & how I can help other people, if anything. See if you can read that too, or read whatever you think is worthwhile & try to apply it to your life & also use it to help others. Giving is the best form of happiness for me. It might be the best for of happiness for you as well.

I won't get into much detail, but if you are on any kinds of drugs, legal or illegal, get off them as soon as you can. They are the worst chemicals that you can put into your body. See if you can find a way to cleanse yourself from them & try to seek out holistic doctors. I am a man of science, physics, mathematics, technology, & facts. I have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering & a minor in Mechanical Engineering. I went to school for many years & have studied many things. I personally don't believe in modern medicine. For the lack of a better phrase, they're full of failure & AIDS. You will find that many other countries that have a lot more history than the United States have less illnesses & longer life expectancy & their medicine is far behind our "highly advanced" medicine & surgery techniques. However, go & take a look at their lifestyles. You will see that a lot of them are far happier & healthier than a lot of Americans. Something to think about.

Well young man, hopefully you can figure out what it is that bothers you & that you find a way to change the way you see things. I'll leave you witth one thought: simplicity leads to happiness. (^_^ )

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Weed is no more a drug than is bread.

If they're using it medically it should be viewed as a dietary adjustment.


Really? So you smoke weed just the same as you eat bread? If it didn't change the way your body felt then you wouldn't smoke it.

Also Haya, I really think you just need to put yourself out there more. Force yourself. You have brothers right? Can't you go hang out with them?

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You want improve any other way, you need to force yourself to do stuff you're uncomfortable with.

I agree that you must force yourself to do things you're not comfortable with, but babysteps is always a good idea. If you want to make friends, I'm sure there are a hundred places in NYC that have "similar interest" groups. My advice is this:

1) Make a list of your favorite activities

2) Select from this list, things that CAN be done with other people (whether you'd prefer to or not)

3) Google search for a group that shares that also enjoys that activity. A quick google search for "Video Game Groups NYC" brought up this site.

4) Attend and see what they're about.

5) Keep attending, and after a while, you may feel compelled to participate

6a) People find out how kickass you are at <activity> and want to be your friend

6b) People find out how much you suck at <activity> and want to be your friend (so you can improve!)

7) Hang out with friends outside group.

This list is not easy to follow, but just take it one step at a time, and I think you'll do well for yourself. If you want, post the results of #1 here, and maybe some of us can help you find a meet-up for it.

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