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Gosh, I hope Blizzard is paying you for that

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because I always use the term WoW killers. it seems every time I annouince a new game I play you fuck heads consider me to claim it the WoW killer.

Quake live. a first person shooter. "LOL WOW KILLER"

Warhammer just hit 1.5 million subs and is second place in the MMORPG market and at the same time after release of WoW it did not have as many subscribers, I'll stick with my WAR is WoW's biggest enemy due to the fact that blizz execs watched it very closely. use google "WoW is a PVE centered game with some PVP" to "We'd like to make WoW a hardcore PVP environment" - "Their is no reason to siege keeps as the focus of the game is team work to run dungeons" - "We're introducing siege weapons in the new expansion" "You can only Q for battlegrounds at a battleground master" "since warhammer allows you to click a button anywhere in the world to Q for all battlegrounds at once, now we will as well". "As soon as the war beta started because quest givers on the minimap in war clearly indicated their location we implemented it as well"


WoW dev's talk about their revolutionary ideas (which are all implemented in warhammer already)


"Actually, we have been discussing new battlegrounds quite a bit lately. Wrath of the Lich King will feature Strand of the Ancients (attack/defend) as well as Wintergrasp (non-instanced, world PvP).

But past that, we are exploring ideas that would involve expanding our Battleground content in future patches and beyond. We believe we have some strong ideas for improving Battlegrounds and PvP as a whole in the game and we're definitely going to focus on improvements in the future. Now, it's very early to be talking about some of this stuff but I think it's important for the community to know that it's on our minds.

Our general thought is that we could provide more BG content over time. The BG content that we could provide could be of higher quality with a higher degree of accessibility. Overall, we'd like to have more content and variety. We also want the gameplay experience in the BGs to be better directed. We're also exploring the concept of a complimentary "competitive" bg system as well. Over time, we'd like the focus of PvP to shift back to being more BG-centric and more focused on Horde versus Alliance -- the core of our game.

We're also planning on improving some Battleground and PvP features in general. For example, we want to give you the ability to queue for Battlegrounds from anywhere in the world. We're also going to explore EXP gain through the PvP system as well as low level itemization to support that.

Please don't take this post as a promise. This won't be an overnight process. Not all of these things are set in stone and guaranteed to happen. It would take us a while to shift in this direction. But these are some of the current thoughts on the development team. I think it's important for you guys to know some of our thought process in regards to Pv"


Q: Do you believe Blizzard's plan to introduce open world PVP into World of Warcraft is an attempt to position themselves against WAR?

Mark Jacobs: Oh absolutely. I think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You have a game that's been out for four years, they've never put in world PVP like ours, they've never been able to level through PVP like in ours.

I think it's absolutely a reaction to Warhammer. It wasn't like all of a sudden the idea of open world PVP or levelling through PVP came into their heads and went 'nobody's ever done this before'. I don't think it was accidental that they're talking about doing it when Warhammer comes out. Four years and suddenly, miraculously, at the same time Warhammer comes out that's when they start talking about these things... I think it was Jeff Kaplan who said they like to look at other games and learn from them - well, I'm flattered.

Mark Jacobs is the CEO of Mythic. Interview by James Lee.


take your countdown, shove it up your ass - I don't give a shit about the game or who here wastes their time re-grinding gear that they spend endless time ti get and now is shit again, not to mention the half-assed implementations of WAR features in thought to control the market and cast the huge evil blizzard shadow over warhammer. We'll see if it works or if in a month or two when alot of players realize "oh fuck, I just grinded a bunch of instances again, got a bunch of gear again and now im level 80 doing daily quests for money which really was the biggest waste of time ever. "YARRR THIS IS PIRATE DWARF SCUFFY MC MUFFIN AND EVERYDAY BUT ONLY ONCE A DAY FIND ME 6 EGGS AND YOU MAY GET 3 GOLD PIECES AND FACTION TOWARDS THE PIRATE DWARVES SO AFTER 5 MONTHS OF DAILY EGG HUNTING YOU CAN GET YOUR RENOWNED PIRATE DWARF MOUNT!"

Whatever, new dir en grey CD comes out tomorrow thats far more important.

AE should have put a counter for fall out 3 or a game that actually matters in the gaming market as something new and interesting rather than an expansion pack to a 4 year old grind fest.

admin out.

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MMORPGs are all the same, grindfests for imaginary armor and imaginary faction rep for imaginary factions!

Trying to argue that WAR is different that WoW based on the premise that "OMG WoW is a grindfest!!!11" defies logic, truly. See above.

Remember Vanguard, best MMORPG ever? Right? Age Of Conan? What?

My head hurts, the "look at me" factor has hit it's peak here.

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lol, sounds like SOMEBODY hit a nerve :awesome:

that's what I thought when I read Wind's post as well.

Ken, you must learn that whether it's WAR or WoW, the thread and timer are there to bug you because you trolled the WoW forum with WAR propaganda. I'm sorry, but WAR does not interest me as WoW does. Posting on how stupid Blizz is and how they are "copying" WAR is a surefire way to just annoy me, rather than make me want to purchase WAR. Many of the things Blizzard is doing with WoW is not because of WAR at all, and are actually things they've wanted to implement for a good year, even more.

And Alundra also makes a good point as well with AoC and Vanguard. Wind, you may like WAR better than WoW, but leave it out of the WoW forum, where stuff that pertains to WoW, and not WAR belong. I kinda can't believe we would have to tell an admin this.

I, for one, just laughed at the timer and thread. Thought it was hysterical.

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I didn't know what was up with the timer until I asked in RT, but constantly seeing it is a bit annoying. Not because I dislike WoW or anything, it's just unnecessary.

Of course it's unnecessary, that's part of what makes it funny. if it's really that annoying you could...not look at it?

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Of course it's unnecessary, that's part of what makes it funny. if it's really that annoying you could...not look at it?

War has been under development for YEARS. If you don't think they are trying to take the market more by implementing these things your fucking nuts bro, Im not trying to convince you to do anything just to open your mind a little bit. they always claimed the main focus of WoW was PVE. Then they start implementing aspects of the game that war have had, as soon as they appeared in beta a week later patched into WoW. Blizzard has endless money and the grasp on the maket, they can do what they want. Every company copies from one another, Think they'rd be a WoW or a WAR without meridian 59, UO and EQ? No.

Vanguard should have been the best MMORPG since EQ was the classic MMORPG experience if you played it back when it came out you'll remember it was the first full 3D MMO and made you feel like you where in a real living world with its first person view and at the time incredible graphics. Vanguard having the same lead developer Endless people had HUGE expectations for the game. due to funding and sony forcing them to rush it out it was released buggy as hell and unfinished end-game. At this point the game is smooth as silk with wonderful end-game and even a trail island for newbies to start out on. I stuck out in that game for six months hoping the promises they advertised would be delivered, it was still one of the best gaming experiances of my life due to it being so much like EQ. If I went to play it again its a beyond stable game with endless features and a massive world, but the player base just is not their anymore.

AoC still is revolutionary in its combat system and has incredible MMORPG graphics, the issue is its system requirments which is why it oculd not take the market higher, and post level 40 ish the content was shoddy. at this point its all filled in, the PvP "Murderer" system is implemented to turn you into a murderer with a bounty on your head if you murder too many players, which also allows you to get gold and one of their items if you kill the red named murderer. AoC is a fucking great game that I'd still play if it was not for WAR.

I'm just sick of games that are hyped to all hell and are still really fucking good but you have to wait 6+ months to actually get to the point it should have been at launch. Thats even how WoW was and I stuck with that for years.

WAR already has that polish at launch, and is adding content constantly when they already had endless content. Two new classes are being implemented in three weeks, Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun. You can even create one early if you compete in this contest coming up soon in game with player quests open to all levels, if you fufill all the tome requirments you get a head start with the new class. WAR is where I'm staying, Expansion in a little under a year, and once the trial comes out (which is noted to be soon along with friend invite trials) it will bring alot of players, especially after they max out in WoW again. WAR offers the endless gameplay module where end game won't just be grinding gear, and their is so much to explore to do that fans of the game never say a bad word ; you just need to hit that point where you get it (as in "Get" the games flow). Crono from the forum is level 36 or something now which blew me away, I wasn't able to play for 2 weeks and he really flew. (level cap is 40) I'm only 25 and plan on hitting thirty by middle of next week.

Alot of gaming companies promise a lot of things, I am an MMORPG fan boy I get caught in the hype just as WoW fan boys are getting caught in the WotLK hype. I just try to spread the message of change, and im sorry to those who bought vanguard and did not enjoy it, im sure those of you who bought AoC can say you atleast have some banging memories from the game I know I do. WAR is where its at thoiugh. If I played WoW for nearly 3 years (more like 2 and a half) then I can stick out with WAR for the same if not longer.

I'll have the most feared PVP characters in the game. (my chosen, my future 'Black Guard' and eventually a DPS caster class).

and reading this article (give it the time even if not interested) you must admit its a rad event idea, and will be a shit ton of fun to participate in. HEAVT METAL TIME


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Why? I was just explaining myself instead of taking the bullet comments of claiming everygame is a WoW killer, when most the time I just claim "This is the next big MMO, its better than WoW"

which is opinion. and depending on how you like your gamestyle (button mashing grind fest versus tactical fun) it may be the opposite.

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Wind, bro, you're arguing against a brick wall. Your opinions or facts about MMOs are irrelevant, because the initial presence (or perhaps the continued presence) of that timer bugged you.

Trying to say how War or WoW is better is irrelevant. It's like putting a counter to the next big Mario game on the fansite of someone who loves Sonic the Hedgehog.

Your definition and deliberately constructed arguments about MMOs is akin to shooting a thousand arrows into the sea. It sure as shit looks impressive, but in the end is a big waste of time (and arrows).

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