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Accelerated Evolution

Geist: How's it going Raimi? [Vid Playthrough]


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Developer: n-space

Publisher: Nintendo

Platforms: Gamecube

:excl:Video Update Schedule :excl:

Fridays or Saturdays (and sometimes whenever I feel like it) :snakes:

Table of Contents:

For higher quality use the Gamevee links. For faster downloads, Viddler is your buddy.

--The Vids!--

Welcome to Volks, Folks: Gamevee - Viddler

Ghost School: Gamevee - Viddler

From Dogs to Ethereal Reactors: Gamevee - Viddler

Showering to Become One: Gamevee - Viddler

Escape!: Gamevee - Viddler

Shining Light on the Past: Gamevee - Viddler

Filler - Part 1: Gamevee - Viddler

Filler - Part 2: Gamevee - Viddler

Dog Biscuit Battle Royale: Gamevee - Viddler

Me VS The Devil: Gamevee - Viddler

Background Given In the Manual:

This stuff is amazingly bad.

You are John Raimi, a specialist in Biological and Chemical threats. In high demand, you are often hired by Governments, Universities and Corporations to help deal with the most dangerous biological and chemical agents.

In Southern France, a highly successful company known as the Volks Corportation conducts research into military weapons, selling their products to the highest bidder. But deep beneath this restricted facility lies an older, darker secret.

One of your best friends, Thomas Bryson, was sent into Volks Corp. undercover to investigate the company and find evidence of their illegal activities. After weeks of nothing but silence, he finally makes contact.

CR-2, an elite counter-terrorism group supported by the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) in the fight against biological and chemical threats has contacted you. They are putting together an assault team to extract Bryson, and they have asked for your help. CR-2 requests your assistance to help safely extract what Bryson has discovered.

Development History:

Early development began on Geist in order to fulfill what Nintendo felt was a gap in their line-up. They were looking for an FPS title with a unique twist. Geist, interestingly enough, originally began as an FPS concept piece for Nintendo about an invisible man. Soon after the protagonist was changed into a ghost in order to expand the gameplay possibilities.

After a short development period n-space sent out their FPS concept to Nintendo, who wanted to work with n-space directly on the project. The two teams however had wildly different goals. Nintendo saw opportunity to create unique puzzles using possession powers in order to proceed through the story, while n-space was more concerned with integrating the ghost abilities into an FPS. Both ideas are sort of at odds with each other in the game.

So why Geist?

Well, for one it's pretty unique, and most people missed the boat when it came out. It was one of those games that was hyped heavily by Nintendo at E3, and then it sorta just fell behind the couch and everyone forgot about it. But it's not all bad, it's an interesting vision into what happens when two teams with totally different mindsets, cultures, and ideas clash together. Geist is one of those games that had a lot of promise and opportunity, but ultimately never took it anywhere and was middle-managed into a decidedly average game.

And there's plenty to learn from it!

I just get the feeling playing that they really should have listened to Nintendo more. The puzzles are the best part of the game, and if they had been less linear it might have been an experience we'd still be talking about today.

Well, whatever! On with the show!

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New update!

Ghost School: Gamevee - Viddler

This will be the last one this week though. WotLK is practically out...

Looks interesting, like one of those games that you have high hopes for but overall is a large disappointment.

And yeah that's pretty much my opinion of it. There are some sections I really like and others that make me hate everything about life. It's an interesting toss up but overall, it's a pretty good experience. I just picked up the game for 3 bucks, and I'd say it was well worth it. ;)

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This game looks fun but I'm like 16 min into the video and it is getting progressivley lame looking. Like the guy saying yes twice, the doors taking a thousand years to press buttons, that little girl laugh every time makes me RAGEEEE and the little girl also said the dogs can see when you're "inside another person"

REALLY? They said that?

Also why did that douche call the janitor sir? I agree, it's kinda funny in a way though.

Also that AT&T new rates shit with the phone was awesome haha

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New update tomorrow.

But what I actually posted for was to say that Gamevee has officially changed hands to a new company. Since the new site sucks and is more like gametrailers video hosting than anything else, I won't be using it. Viddler links only for a while, until I can find a new high quality host.

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