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Hmmm.. I liked (more like loved) alot of EBM/Industrial stuff this time last year, so I'll give you a few suggestions. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but industrial is SUPER fuckin broad and this was my shtick (still is to an extent).

Assemblage 23, Grendel, Tactical Sekt and VNV Nation are by far my favorite groups. Any albums by them are great, with Assemblage's Failure as my favorite album.

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Thanks. I'm really not sure what I'm looking for even. I want something really aggressive. I'm planning on using samples and/or have Puissance and Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia-esque spoken verse over it.

I want something incredibly aggressive and noisy that's more complex than Power Electronics... I kind of have Black Metal-esque song structures in mind.

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Thanks. I'm really not sure what I'm looking for even. I want something really aggressive. I'm planning on using samples and/or have Puissance and Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia-esque spoken verse over it.

I want something incredibly aggressive and noisy that's more complex than Power Electronics... I kind of have Black Metal-esque song structures in mind.

You should do some Brutal DnB with noise harmonies.

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Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate machine

Nine Inch Nails - Broken

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

VAST - Visual Audio Sensory Theater

Galexia - Galexia

Galexia - The Maze

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I want some good Industrial albums, if you guys can suggest any. I'm sure Rocks can help. I'd kinda like to make Industrial but don't feel I know enough about the sound.

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate machine

Nine Inch Nails - Broken

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

VAST - Visual Audio Sensory Theater

Galexia - Galexia

Galexia - The Maze

Strapping Young Lad - City (Industrialized Extreme Metal)

OSI - Office of Strategic Influence

OSI - Free

Chroma Key - Dead Air For Radio Waves

Chroma Key - You Go Now

This is my main thoughts when I think of Industrial, sure KMFDM and VNV nation come to mind, but I don't dig alot of the "Dance Industrial" I like the Industrial with Metal / Rock Elements.

anyway the essentials EDIT*****Rapid Share Links taken down because all the qualities had been fucking 160 and one album was 128... my rips are 320mp3 with The Slip - Wave 96-24 High Res. So I am going to upload them tomorrow onto my FTP for fast ass download and you can have them tomorrow. Year Zero is acceptable at 260, you can grab it now but prefer you to listen in the order I listed for maximum NiN and Industrial effect.

God Himself. Mr. Trent Reznor

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral - 1994 Deluxe Re-Issue (320 MP3)

(THE album to begin to understand industrial, even if it's been spun before. spin this disc till it wears out or until you really feel grasp on how every layer, effect, noise, sample, riff, drumming, lyrics, screaming to quiet singing is all in perfect atmospheric place)


Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile - 1999 2CD (Epic Spiraling Double Disc)

(near 6 year difference between these two releases *also a 5 year gab between the debut and the second CD The Downward spiral, 6 year difference between The Fragile (LP #3 and LP#4 With Teeth) Trent Reznor in my opinion is the best producer in music today, although you may not dig some songs especially on a double disc of which "Almost made him kill himself over" being a perfectionist and trying to push new grounds after the dark twisting ''The Downward Spiral' Trent certainly does push new grounds. It keeps a dark atmosphere for has much heavier bass and guitar tones rather than the dark lo-fi creepy distortion used on TDS, or the funky drum machines used on PHM. Album has it all. Stand out tracks for me include "Somewhat Damaged", "The Fragile" "No, You Don't" "Into THe Void" "The Wretched" "We're In THis Together Now" and then my absolute favorite on the disc "The Big Come Down" (incredible). I find the entire CD to be masterpiece start to finish, knowing you have an open mind I think you'll eventually find that out with 'This Album, Although perhaps much easier with 'The Downward Spiral.


Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine - 1989 (320MP3)

(Debut Nine Inch Nails album which went 4X platinum, Entered Industrial Music into the mainstream. Not one bad track, although it sounds very dated in its 80's way (Something no other NiN album does) its in a good nostalgic way of pure pleasure, Dark Lyrics to more up beat type music with killer drum beats and synths.


Nine Inch Nails - Broken 1992 (320 MP3)

Won a grammy or mtv music award or some bullshit that year for best heavy metal song... fucking music video rules too. Short EP bridge between Pretty Hate Machine and Downward Spiral. Heavy Album but not as dark and twisted as the downward spiral, more 'aggressive' and 'youthful' feeling rather than suicidal and hating everyone,


Year Zero - 2007 (256 kbps :( )

Once your adjusted its time to take some leaps into the various other NiN Grounds, I believe this album to be ASTONISHING but being an old school heavier metal dark NiN fan I only like four or five songs at first but now this concept album has become one of my favorites. Production is incredible and synth composition and patch creations are nuts.


The Slip - 2008 (Wave 96-24 High Res)

Once again an amazing album. Nothing more to really say, two amazing hits few heavy songs, few trippy more electronic format with bit crush synths and whatnot as seen in year zero, and some instrumental ambience (in a long track). Fucking great.


With Teeth - 2005 (320MP3)

Most hated NiN album by most non fan boys, and quite a few fan boys - I personally love it. It doesn't touch Downward Spiral, The Fragile, or Pretty Hate Machine with a ten foot pole but its still great fucking music. about 2 weaker tracks, 4 or 5 solid and the rest tight as fuck.


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i had a bit of an industrial stint a while ago, and I would agree with the VNV Nation and Assemblage 23 recommendation

Also, i'd throw in Combichrist. They have a DnB/Powernoise flaaaavaaaa. This is one of their most popular tracks: Combichrist - Blut Royale. Although, once you get to the core of some of their older releases, it really is much more bare bones, spoken vocals, heavy bass and noise thrown in. I think you'd dig it - look for random stuff by them on YouTube (This Shit Will Fuck You Up is a prime example)


I'd also throw in a few more recommendations, that are worth a try


God Module

Suicide Commando


Panzer AG


Have you listened to new Mortiis?

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temp edit: All the links will be added tomorrow I am uploading them all now via rapid share, except for the CDs that rar'd are over 200 megs rapid doesn't allow it so im hosting it on my FTP. All links will be posted. so far Ghosts is uploaded in three parts not by me on rapid share, I uploaded 'Broken; via Megaupload, The Fragile via my FTP and The Downward Spiral via my FTP. With Teeth and Year Zero will be done by tomorrow. Enjoy.


*went out of my way to rip everything 320 this is in three parks, 'Main Albums', 'Promos - Rarities - Remixes', and also 'Music Videos, Interviews, Rarities, and Live footage from woodstock 1994' So you'd better fucking listen to this shit endlessly and experience the god of industrial.

The Second folder are all still labled has Halos (What trent reznor calls each release a Halo followed by a number, and are essnetial listens as they are nothing like the original songs (different music lyrics) except for some parts. Also just variations and DJ / producer remixes of songs.


Nine Inch Nails - [1989] - Pretty hate Machine - Halo 2

Allmusic Rating :

Title Length

1. "Head Like a Hole" 4:59

2. "Terrible Lie" 4:38

3. "Down in It" 3:46

4. "Sanctified" 5:48

5. "Something I Can Never Have" 5:54

6. "Kinda I Want To" 4:33

7. "Sin" 4:06

8. "That's What I Get" 4:30

9. "The Only Time" 4:47

10. "Ringfinger" 5:40




Nine Inch Nails - [1992] - Broken - Halo 5

Allmusic Rating:

Title Length

1. "Pinion" – 1:02

2. "Wish" – 3:46

3. "Last" – 4:44

4. "Help Me I Am in Hell" – 1:56

5. "Happiness in Slavery" – 5:21

6. "Gave Up" – 4:08

98. "Physical" (Adam Ant) – 5:29

99. "Suck" – 5:07

Note: Tracks 7–97 are second long silent tracks.




Nine Inch Nails - [1994] - The Downward Spiral- Halo 8 (Deliuxe Edition with 5.1 surround and bonus disc)

"concept album detailing the destruction of an undisclosed man; from the beginning to his climatic suicide."

Rolling Stone:

Allmusic: (should be 5. This is the big transition point for NiN so I udnerstand reviewers either loved it or its depth, complexity and revolutionary sound may have thrown some reviewers off)

Title Length

1. "Mr. Self Destruct" 4:30

2. "Piggy" 4:24

3. "Heresy" 3:54

4. "March of the Pigs" 2:58

5. "Closer" 6:13

6. "Ruiner" 4:58

7. "The Becoming" 5:31

8. "I Do Not Want This" 5:41

9. "Big Man with a Gun" 1:36

10. "A Warm Place" 3:22

11. "Eraser" 4:54

12. "Reptile" 6:51

13. "The Downward Spiral" 3:57

14. "Hurt" 6:13

FUN FACTS: To record the album, Reznor rented the house located at 10050 Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills, California where actress Sharon Tate was murdered by members of the Manson Family in 1969. Reznor built a studio space in the house which he named Le Pig, after the message that was scrawled on the front door with Tate's blood by her murderers. Reznor told Entertainment Weekly that despite the notoriety attached to the house, he chose to record there because, "I looked at a lot of places, and this just happened to be the one I liked most." Reznor moved out of the house in December 1993, after he said "there was too much history in that house for me to handle." After the album's recording, Reznor consulted with the landlords and had the house demolished shortly after.

The album was ranked at number 25 in Spin's "100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005", Spin also ranked it 11th on their "Top 90 Albums of the 90's ". Blender named it the 80th Greatest American Album. It was ranked #488 in the book The Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All Time by Martin Popoff. In 2001 Q named The Downward Spiral as one of the 50 Heaviest Albums Of All Time. In 2003, the album was ranked number 200 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

* The opening sounds of "Mr Self Destruct" are a sample from the film THX 1138 in which a man is being beaten by a prison guard.[5]

* The frantic drumming on the end of "Piggy" is courtesy of Reznor himself. This is currently his first and only attempt at live drumming on a record, and one of the few "live" drum performances on the album. Reznor stated that the recording was from him testing the microphone setup in studio, but he liked the sound too much not to include it.[6]

* When performed live, "Piggy" would end in a sing-along by fans.[7]

* The drum track for "Closer" features a heavily modified bass drum sample from the Iggy Pop song "Nightclubbing" from his album The Idiot.

* The loop of screaming voices heard at the beginning of "The Becoming" is a sample from the film Robot Jox.

* The sample at the beginning of "Big Man With A Gun" comes from studio-altered recording of a porn star having an orgasm. According to the album booklet, this "sample" is titled "Steakhouse" and is credited to Tommy Lee.

* The sampled clanks at the beginning of "Reptile" can be heard in the film Leviathan.

* The strange sobbing sound in "Reptile" (at 5:06) originates from the movie-in-movie in Jörg Buttgereit's film Nekromantik.

DOWNLOAD THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL AND BEGIN TO BECOME PUNCTURED. (with the NiN inch Nail Gun ofcourse.. quake style.



Nine Inch Nails - [1999] - The Fragile - Halo 14

**Mind Blowing Double Disc, Astonishing from a production and musicians aspect.*

Entertainment weekly: A- "as far as misery goes, Reznor dissects it as thoroughly as any musician of his generation. If his emotional palette is limited, it remains broader than any of his metalhead peers. Right now, hard rock simply doesn't get any smarter, harder, or more ambitious than this. A- "

Disc one (Left)

Title Length

1. "Somewhat Damaged" 4:31

2. "The Day the World Went Away" 4:33

3. "The Frail" 1:54

4. "The Wretched" 5:25

5. "We're in This Together" 7:16

6. "The Fragile" 4:35

7. "Just Like You Imagined" 3:49

8. "Even Deeper" 5:48

9. "Pilgrimage" 3:31

10. "No, You Don't" 3:35

11. "La Mer" 4:37

12. "The Great Below" 5:17

Disc two (Right)

Title Length

1. "The Way Out Is Through" 4:17

2. "Into the Void" 4:49

3. "Where Is Everybody?" 5:40

4. "The Mark Has Been Made" 5:15

5. "Please" 3:30

6. "Starfuckers, Inc." 5:00

7. "Complication" 2:30

8. "I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally" 4:13

9. "The Big Come Down" 4:12

10. "Underneath It All" 2:46

11. "Ripe (With Decay)" 6:34




Nine Inch Nails - [2005] - With Teeth - Halo 19

Dwrowned in Sound: 9/10

Sylus Magazine: A -


1. "All the Love in the World" – 5:15

2. "You Know What You Are?" – 3:42

3. "The Collector" – 3:08

4. "The Hand That Feeds" – 3:32

5. "Love Is Not Enough" – 3:41

6. "Every Day Is Exactly the Same" – 4:55

7. "With Teeth" – 5:38

8. "Only" – 4:23

9. "Getting Smaller" – 3:35

10. "Sunspots" – 4:03

11. "The Line Begins to Blur" – 3:44

12. "Beside You in Time" – 5:25

13. "Right Where It Belongs" – 5:04


Nine Inch Nails - [2007] - Year Zero - Halo 19

Year Zero is a concept album that criticizes contemporary policies of the United States government by presenting a dystopian vision of the year 2022.



Blabbermouth: 9/10

Alternative Press: 5/5

Rolling Stone: 4/5

Track Length

1. "HYPERPOWER!" – 1:42

2. "The Beginning of the End" – 2:47

3. "Survivalism" – 4:23

4. "The Good Soldier" – 3:23

5. "Vessel" – 4:52

6. "Me, I'm Not" – 4:51

7. "Capital G" – 3:50

8. "My Violent Heart" – 4:13

9. "The Warning" – 3:38

10. "God Given" – 3:50

11. "Meet Your Master" – 4:08

12. "The Greater Good" – 4:52

13. "The Great Destroyer" – 3:17

14. "Another Version of the Truth" – 4:09

15. "In This Twilight" – 3:33

16. "Zero-Sum" – 6:14




Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV [2008] - Halo 26

*Complete Instrumental Masterpiece*

Ghosts I

1. "1 Ghosts I" – 2:48

2. "2 Ghosts I" – 3:16

3. "3 Ghosts I" – 3:51

4. "4 Ghosts I" – 2:13

5. "5 Ghosts I" – 2:51

6. "6 Ghosts I" – 4:18

7. "7 Ghosts I" – 2:00

8. "8 Ghosts I" – 2:56

9. "9 Ghosts I" – 2:47

Ghosts II

1. "10 Ghosts II" – 2:42

2. "11 Ghosts II" – 2:17

3. "12 Ghosts II" – 2:17

4. "13 Ghosts II" – 3:13

5. "14 Ghosts II" – 3:05

6. "15 Ghosts II" – 1:53

7. "16 Ghosts II" – 2:30

8. "17 Ghosts II" – 2:13

9. "18 Ghosts II" – 5:22

Ghosts III

1. "19 Ghosts III" – 2:11

2. "20 Ghosts III" – 3:39

3. "21 Ghosts III" – 2:54

4. "22 Ghosts III" – 2:31

5. "23 Ghosts III" – 2:43

6. "24 Ghosts III" – 2:39

7. "25 Ghosts III" – 1:58

8. "26 Ghosts III" – 2:25

9. "27 Ghosts III" – 2:51

Ghosts IV

1. "28 Ghosts IV" – 5:22

2. "29 Ghosts IV" – 2:54

3. "30 Ghosts IV" – 2:58

4. "31 Ghosts IV" – 2:25

5. "32 Ghosts IV" – 4:25

6. "33 Ghosts IV" – 4:01

7. "34 Ghosts IV" – 5:52

8. "35 Ghosts IV" – 3:29

9. "36 Ghosts IV" – 2:19

(the only release not on my rapid share, mine dont have passwords)




.rar PASSWORD for ghosts, it will give you errors but it will extract correctly. make a folder for it download all three rars in and extract 'here' same time.


--- start pictures of god ---

--- end pictures of god ---

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Nine Inch Nails - Music Video, Life Performances, Interviews, Woodstock 94 Videos




---official videos---

Nine Inch Nails - video - Pinion (used to play before head bangers balls. This music video is absolutely WICKED)

Nine Inch Nails - video - Burn

Nine Inch Nails - video - Closer (Banned in alot of counties, edited verison appeared on MTV, this is the original)

Nine Inch Nails - video - Deep

Nine Inch Nails - video - Down In It

Nine Inch Nails - video - Eraser

Nine Inch Nails - video - Gave Up

Nine Inch Nails - video - Happiness in Slavery (Banned in countries for the obvious)

Nine Inch Nails - video - Head Like a Hole

Nine Inch Nails - video - Help Me I Am In Hell

Nine Inch Nails - video - Hurt

Nine Inch Nails - video - Into the Void

Nine Inch Nails - video - March of the Pigs

Nine Inch Nails - video - Only

Nine Inch Nails - video - Sin

Nine Inch Nails - video - Starfuckers

Nine Inch Nails - video - The Day The World Went Away

Nine Inch Nails - video - The Hand That Feeds

Nine Inch Nails - video - The Perfect Drug

Nine Inch Nails - video - We're In This Together Now

Nine Inch Nails - video - Wish

---woodstock 94---



woodstock_Dead Souls








^ live at woodstock 94


Interview with Trent in Sydney

Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor - Wasted

Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor - You can say fuck on TV (throws the F bomb over and over enjoying it)

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