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DOWNLOAD - Galexia: The Maze matches 1973 film 'Fantastic Planet'


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to make less posts i'll make a galexia forum and move all these posts but anyway... A very trippy french cartoon I became obsessed with about a year ago, so while writing the maze I watched this cartoon piece by piece (stoned mostly) and wrote the album along with the movie with the movies sound off. The lyrics and themes are still about what I want to be talking about not the movies plot, but are double meaninging to fit perfectly with the movie. You'll find lyrics match the imagery or current plot going on, mouth movements rarely match lyrics but sometimes do, normally they match either keyboard, or guitar / bass / synth solos its all done 100% in a way that it somehow matches. You'll notice body movements such as stomping and moving arms will go with the drums. I hope to have this as a bonus when you put the CD into your PC, or it will be released as a third disc bonus DVD edition.

for now you guys get to watch it and give feedback.

Download the full sync up here

It syncs up until the first track of disc 2 "Empty" the ending credits is a cut out track from the CD just for effect but aside from the ending credits track this is all of disc one in order and the first track of disc two. The rest of disc two does not match up in anyway with the movie, sorry.

Post feedback.

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I've never heard that, if its true Im gonna be really really sad because I went out of my way to choose a film I found to be not well known...

ah... hopefully its just a rumor, this is intentional as Kevin Moore did with Chroma Key's Graveyard Mountain Home.

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enjoying disc one of the maze aswell ?? =]

feedback on the music too would be appreciated, I am so proud of how this CD is turning out you have no Idea. and I love that fucking video. If I get big hopefully it'll be a cult classic stoner / tripper watch.

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