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Your top 5 RPGs of 2005


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Yep, the year is over and it is time to list YOUR top 5 RPGs of the year. Just some rules.

- Obviously the RPG had to have come out between Jan. 1, 2005 and Dec. 31, 2005


- NO MMORPGs (they are not real games!!!!)

- US release dates only (that means no Kingdom Hearts 2 or anything like that, and I'm sure not many of you crazy bastards are from Europe, lol)

Happy Voting - the votes will be counted when I feel like counting them. 1st place gets 5 points and 5th gets 1. Pretty easy to understand (just had to explain it for James Xeno ^_^ )

My choices

1. Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana


This was my second most anticipated game of 2005 when the year rolled around behind only Zelda, and since Zelda was pushed back I guess you can say that this was my MOST anticipated game of the year last year......and it did not dissappoint at all. Great looking graphics, great battle system and some of the best character interaction I've ever seen. It also had what was easily the best item creation system I've ever seen. This was quality all around.

2. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga


This game had me hooked from beginning to end even though I have yet to play DDS 2, lol. This game was just some hardcore, no frills RPG action. Combining massive dungeons (I'm talking 5 hour dungeons here) with some brutal enemies for an unforgiving combination, although it is quite a bit more forgiving than the main SMT series. Add onto that the amazing cast of characters that really carry the story and an interesting skill system and you have yourself an RPG classic.

3. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time


Yeah, this is pretty much the exact opposite of Digital Devil Saga. Quite easy and quite forgiving but, as with Superstar Saga, the dialouge is still the funniest in the RPG world and the battle system is completely off the charts. I am shocked that there haven't been many other RPGs that have used the time based system of the Mario and Luigi games (sure Super Mario RPG used timed attacks but that was like the pre-school version of what is used in the Mario and Luigi games. They take it to another level)

4. Sigma Star Saga


Yeah, it wasn't the best executed RPG and it did get kind of tedius, but dammit I really enjoyed the hell out of this. The story in this game was easily the best story for an RPG this year. It featured one of the few (perhaps the only) RPG love stories that I actually cared about enough to really want to see the 2 characters be together in the end, which may or may not happen thanks to multiple endings. The shooter elements were passable (certainly won't be comparing them to a real shmup, but they were decent) and getting all the different gun variations was quite fun.

5. Y's: The Ark of Napishtim


Not really much to say about this. This was just good old action RPG gameplay. Not easy stuff either, but the difficulty was part of what made this such an enjoyable game.

Notable games that I haven't played yet - Dragon Quest VIII, Suikoden Tactics, Digital Devil Saga 2, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and Magna Carta. Yes I have them all, just haven't played them yet.

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ok, here I go......

Top 5 games of 05

1. Digital Devil Saga ~ Such a well done game, and done right if a compay was to split the story up into different games as well. So bonus props for that. Also I love the religious/ demonic undertones the game carries with it.

2. Dragon Quest 8 ~ DragonBallZ the rpg ~ nuff said.

3. Atelier Iris ~ Sprite Based game, that really (and I say this in a non gay way) had the cutest sprites in a long time. Good story, and a fun battle engine, plus alchemy was made to be fun more then a chore.

4. Fire Emblem: PoR ~ Glitchy and a bit repetitive, but a great story and fun and interesting characters. Plus, it's fucking Fire Emblem.

5. Suikoden Tactics ~ Apology accepted Konami.

Notable Mentions ~ Wild ARMs ACF and FFIVa(would be number 1, but ya know I gotta let other games have their time in the light.)

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Sorry for the rather uncreative list, but I'm limited to games that I've played for a significant amount of time, and I can't omit choices just for the sake of variety (and I'm saddened to say that I haven't play Suikoden Tactics or Atelier Iris for more than ten minutes, and I don't even have Ys VI)

1. Digital Devil Saga 2

2. Digital Devil Saga

The DDS games weren't quite as hardcore as 2004's Nocturne, but they still featured impressive strategy-driven gameplay and clever dungeon designs. The simplification may have given them lower lasting appeal than some of the past SMT games, but it also made the game a lot less stressful to play, and a bit more enjoyable. DDS2 is ranked above the first one mainly just because that's where you'll find the more interesting parts of the storyline.

3. Final Fantasy IV Advance

It's a port, but oh well. I can't think of too many other RPGs to put on the list, and if this counts, then it deserves a spot.

4. Sigma Star Saga

This game may have been tedious, and it certainly wasn't the most intense gameplay experience around, but damn it, it really had a soul. There is much to be appreciated about this game, and the fact that it's the first game since Guardian Legend to feature a shmup/RPG hybrid concept makes it even more appealing.

Gah, I can't really think of many more RPGs I've played this year. If I can think of anything, I'll update it later.

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Nobody cared to vote because AE is a cespool with the worst kind of people on it (aside from the people that voted of course.......I LOVE you Scar, Akito, and DRL!!!!)

But since nobody cared I am officially awarding the "Best RPG of 2005" award to ............ATELIER IRIS: ETERNAL MANA

We love you Atelier Iris, and may you repeat in 2006 when Atelier Iris 2 comes out.

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