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Accelerated Evolution

The AE Tour bus

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Is this the van rape?

only with bus?

its more like the 4chan party van,

the Ae party bus: much funnier when its parked in your driveway

on that note, we are now entering the anime section. almost nothing ever happens here. although the inhabitants of this strange place may seems strange, they are mostly harmless. however, its best to avoid porn/hentai.

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So, now that someone, no need to point fingers *points at gummybear", clicked on all those links, we will now try to make it out of this place. the only place we haven't seen in this section yet is Yaoi & Yuri, this place can be scary if you like me and can never remember the difference. you open a link thinking it will be 2 hot lesbian vampires sucking eachothers necks and find out thats not it at all, like, not even a little.

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