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Galexia: Itunes breaks street date


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Okay myself, the record company, and well... the guest musicians are not exactly happy but its not really a bad thing.

heres the deal. Amazon gets Limited Edition copy released March 1st 09, Hardcovered Novel twenty+ full colored pages with the CD inside and a poster, Itunes gets digital release on this same day. 9 days later the physical CD is released worldwide.

Itunes decided to release the album THIS MORNING. and spelt Pins//Needles Pins//Meedles. After having the record company contact them the email back is "Any band that transfers the digital rights to us for a "pre-release" and not an "exact match" of a street date release we have the right to move it to where we see most profitable for us and for the label, and the musicians involved. Due to the recent surge of news articles we feel Galexia's best sales will not be in march due to big named band albums coming out, but squeezed right before the holiday season where people are willing to over spend and people receive Itunes Gift Cards. We ensure you this will work out in All three parties favors in terms of profit."

So basically Thank you amazon for releasing my album realy, what really can I do except ask you guys to go buy it and post opinions here. They even have it posted for just under 8 dollars for the entire album (because it is not over ten tracks they can charge 99 cents for 10 minute long songs etc)

Merry Christmas I think? Help support and buy, but I'm perplexed.. enjoy though!

Galexia - Galexia : Itunes release, street date broken.

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